Fashion | 3 Steps I'm Taking To Dressing More Sustainably

I feel like sustainability is the word on everyone's lips at the min, but it wasn't until recently that I started to take it a bit more seriously. 
As a fashion student alongside being a blogger, the fashion industry is a very important focus of my life and something I'm enjoying learning about every day - but it's starting to hit home just how much of an impact our shopping habits are having on the environment.

I'm not here to shame anyone or place myself on a pedestal as a poster child for sustainability and living that eco-friendly life because I love a good H&M splurge as much as the next person, but I've been trying to make a few small changes here and there to limit my consumption and make just a little bit of a difference where I can...

Buying second hand.
In between trying to save every penny I have for my upcoming USA trip in the summer (I'm v. giddy about it, stay tuned for details!) and wanting to limit my fast fashion consumption, I've been trying to shop second-hand where possible when I need to add something to my wardrobe. 
It sounds like the most obvious step in becoming more sustainable, but it's not really something I've gotten into before. Instead of spending hours scrolling through ASOS, catch me hunting bargains on Depop and Ebay now - obviously everything is a lot less spenny and I find I'm consuming far less and only things that I actually need rather than getting a bit click happy and buying 12 identical jumpers from ASOS's 'New In' section.
The boots above were an absolute Depop bargain that would have set me back an extra £40 if I bought them brand new, are a piece I was missing from my wardrobe and are something that I know I'll get wear out of again and again! 

Pinterest is my best friend.
The main reason for buying the Depop boots in the first place came from a Pinterest sesh where I was trying to find alternative ways to style up pieces I already owned and make them work for a variety of different occasions. Popping in 'leather trouser style inspiration' for example, into the search bar has helped me style up one of the pieces in my wardrobe that I was neglecting slightly, and now I have a few different outfit combinations for them with other garments that I already owned and voila - my leather trousers are now my favourite piece to wear! I do pick up the odd piece here and there if I know it will be worthwhile, but mostly I'm just playing around with what I've got and it's made getting dressed in a morning so much more fun.

Delete delete delete.
As much as it pained me at the time, I've successfully deleted every shopping app from my phone, barring my new second-hand best mates and it has made the world of difference to my attitude towards shopping - plus I'm no longer scared to check my bank balance! I often found I was mindlessly scrolling through shopping apps out of boredom and buying random things as a result, and while I could still shop via websites on my phone if I wanted to, the convenience of using an app and not having it appear on my phone homepage has made a massive difference to how frequently I shop. I've also unsubscribed to most, if not all of the marketing emails I was receiving from various brands so I'm no longer sucked into sale and discount black holes.
Out of sight, out of mind and all that. 

I'm still early days into my sustainability journey and there's so much I've got to learn, especially as I continue with my fashion degree but I'm finding it so interesting and rewarding so far!
If you've got any tips on ways you're living sustainably then send them my way in the comments...

Always, Alice x

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