Life | How To Get Your Sh*t Together From One Stressed Gal To Another (ft. CGD London)

I can't even begin to put into words how completely overwhelmed and S T R E S S E D I have been for pretty much the entirety of October.

If you read my recent blog post, you'll know I've just started on the first year of my fashion degree, and while for the most part I'm loving it, the workload is beyond anything I've ever experienced before and I'm in serious danger of burning out before I've even really begun.

To cut a long story short, I'm in desperate need of some organisation and I've started to put a few things in place to hopefully help me sort my shit out and live my best stress-free life. CGD London kindly sent me over one of their goal planners which is slowly helping me on my mission to becoming that organised gal I've always aspired to be and I wanted to share some ways I'm using it and a couple of other tips in case you're in need of a life/organisation overhaul too...

Make short-term goals every week |
If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know I'm a massive advocate for setting goals and I've probably made a huuuuge list of new years resolutions every year for as long as I can remember. While setting goals for the year ahead is all well and good, normally by the time March rolls around, I've forgotten all about them and the whole thing goes out of the window until January 1st rolls around again. Instead, I've been writing a short list of goals I want to achieve every week and a couple of bigger ones for every month and I've found these a lot more manageable to keep up with and most of the time I manage to smash through them! The CGD Goals Planner has a small space every week to write down everything you hope to get done and there's a larger one in the month view pages and I've found writing them down there holds me accountable and also means I can easily look back on them and remind myself to keep on track when I'm slacking or to see how far I've come at the end of the month!

Write shorter to do lists |
I am so guilty of writing absolutely humongous to-do lists that are completely unrealistic and every single time I write one, I never have enough time to get through it and ultimately end the day feeling really dejected and not as productive as I could be no matter how much I've gotten done. I've recently come to realise that this is absolutely RIDICULOUS and I'm just setting myself up to fail before I've been started. Instead, I've started writing much smaller lists, starting with the most important tasks that I need to tick off for that day and setting myself only a handful of tasks to do in a day not only means it's highly likely I'll manage to get everything done, but it usually means I have a lot more free time after I'm done to either be a boss and get a few more jobs done or to take the time and chill! I love that my CGD planner allows to me to write out my to-do lists for a whole week which means I can also spread my tasks out evenly and not overwhelm myself all in one day. There's also loads of room in the back for writing lists, which has been very handy for my recent uni assignments!

Make good use of dead time |
Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with just taking some time to do you and completely and utterly relaxing, however if you're like me and you have major regrets for sitting down for even just five minutes (stupid I know...) then I've found it helpful to utilise dead time. If I'm stood waiting around for the kettle to boil or my bath to run, I'll maybe post an Instagram or comment on posts that I like, or whilst I'm waiting for an Uber I might quickly run through a Spanish lesson on Duolingo in the five minutes I have to spare. I normally reserve this time for the smaller things I like to keep on top of, especially my social media and it means that I can enjoy an hour or two to sit down and chill out later in the night guilt free and completely switch off.

Take time out for yourself every day |
No matter how busy you are, taking time out for yourself however you want to interpret it is absolutely essential. I've been so busy lately and feel like I've had next to no time to allocate to myself but I'll always try and spend at least half an hour before bed to apply my skincare, have a mini pamper and read my book before trying to get a good nights sleep. My favourite part of my day is my morning coffee, so I always make time for this every day, and even if it's just for ten minutes, I always make sure I have that time to myself and it's definitely helped me with starting my days off right and with a positive attitude. The one thing I'm struggling to add into my routine at the minute is exercise after having to drop my 4 x weekly gym sessions in favour of uni, but hopefully with a little bit more organisation in my life, I can fit a session or two in there somewhere!

Block out your time for the entire day |
This is definitely something I'm new at and still getting the hang of but I've been trying to get to grips with calendar blocking my day and managing my time as efficiently as possible. My CGD planner has a sort of timetable style page every week, and I've been trying to write down what time I want to do a task and when I want to aim to have it finished by as well as writing in all of my appointments and commitments like uni and work. I even plan in my me time so I can enjoy it without feeling guilty and any blank spots I can easily fill in with extra things I then know I have time for that week!

If you're an organised goddess or you just have any tips that help you stay on top of your shit, help a gal out and leave them in the comments below! I'd love to hear what helps you out! Also if you fancy getting yourself your own CGD London planner, you can use my code 'JAYD15' at the checkout for a cheeky bit of discount on your order!

Always, Alice x

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