Life | How To Get Your Sh*t Together From One Stressed Gal To Another (ft. CGD London)

I can't even begin to put into words how completely overwhelmed and S T R E S S E D I have been for pretty much the entirety of October.

If you read my recent blog post, you'll know I've just started on the first year of my fashion degree, and while for the most part I'm loving it, the workload is beyond anything I've ever experienced before and I'm in serious danger of burning out before I've even really begun.

Travel | 4 Days In Budapest

After having it on my travel wishlist for a hella long time, we finally booked a trip to Budapest this summer and to cut a long story short, it's probably my favourite place I've travelled to so far!

We were only there for a long weekend (Fri-Mon) and there was a lot we wanted to pack into the trip in such a short space of time, and boy did we pack it in! I've been sharing a load of my travel snaps over on my Instagram, but I wanted to come on here and have a good old ramble about the trip and what we got up to cos it was a good one...