Life | Monday Motivation - My Goals For The Week #1

Unpopular opinion, but I bloody love a Monday.

I don't know if it's the fact that I work over a weekend or that it's my day off Uni but Monday is probably my favourite day of the week and I love treating every Monday as a fresh start, saying goodbye to the week before and onto something new.

If you've read my last post, you'll know I've set myself a fair few goals this year, mostly centring around health and wellbeing, and to help myself stick to these, I've also been setting myself smaller weekly goals every Monday at the start of a new week to help me on my way.

This week is no different and I've added a couple of things to my to-do list...

1. Drink more water, less coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I'm an absolute coffee fiend and if you opened me up you'd definitely find the good stuff running through my veins. While I'll never get rid of coffee from my diet altogether because BAE I really want to cut down my consumption to max. 2 cups a day whilst trying to drink as much water as possible in between instead and hopefully my skin, hair and cellulite will thank me for it later!

2. Stay away from junk food. I had such an successful week last week, diet wise, managing to eat healthy every day (except yesterday cos Sunday's don't count, right?) as well as kicking my sweet tooth and any naughty cravings to the curb and I'm determined to carry on with it this week. It's always a little bit harder to maintain when I'm at uni and I'm back after a little break this week but I'm looking forward to the challenge - if someone can just keep me away from the cake counter, that would be fab!

3. Save some dollar. Super tempted to just shove my bank cards in the freezer right now because I'm going on holiday in a few months which obviously means I need a whole new summer wardrobe and obviously I can't afford it since I spend all of my money on coffee and snacks. I did plan on doing a no-spend challenge for the week but since that went out of the window when I fell into the Clinique stand this afternoon, I'm going to challenge myself instead to only buy the necessities and be more mindful about what I'm splashing my cash on.

Do you have any goals for the week ahead?
Let me know in the comments, and have a lovely week!

Always, Alice x

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