Life | A Year Off Blogging + A Huge Life Updates

Hello there, remember me? (Probably not.)

It's been a year and 2 weeks since I last posted on my little corner of the internet and what a year it's been!
I had such good intentions regarding my blog in 2018 - well, in the first week anyway - and I was adamant I was going to absolutely smash it, churning out content left, right and centre and be at the top of my blogging game for the time, well, ever.

I'm not quite sure what happened other than that, honestly, I just couldn't be arsed!

I am and always have been so grateful for this little hobby of mine and all of the opportunities it's given me but I started to see it as more of a chore than a hobby which defeated the whole point of doing it and that just didn't sit right with me at all. I was constantly getting bogged down with numbers and worrying about getting enough likes (so millennial I know) and obviously I was comparing myself to just about everyone else out there and it was doing me no good whatsoever so I thought I'd give myself a little break and come back to it when I felt like I would enjoy it properly again.

 Without realising, I took this same attitude with Instagram and went from posting pretty much every single day to only posting 20 photos last year - and it's done me the world of good! I feel like I can go back to it with a fresh set of eyes and post whatever I like without overthinking it and having to have a theme or think about whether or not it will get a load of likes, which lets be honest, isn't healthy for anyone.

I've had a bloody whirlwind of a year and so much has changed and my life is completely different to this time last year which I'm really grateful for and I feel like I'm ready to hit the ground running with this whole blogging thing and turn it back into a hobby I love instead of a part-time job that I started to resent. Having so much time away from social media has made me realise what kind of content I want to be putting out there versus what I was putting out before just for the sake of it and I'm excited to start unloading all of my random thoughts on the things I love and am passionate about on the internet again.

Blogging aside, I completely moved my whole life to a brand new city in the summer and I've settled into life in big, bad Birmingham and I am loving it. I've had a whale of a time the last few months and I can't wait to share more of my life in my new home and all the things there are to do here! Forever missing the Yorkshire accent though...

I also started university again, giving a fashion degree a second shot and honestly I'm bloody loving being a student again even if I am practically a fossil compared to all the 18 year old freshers! I had a brief uni stint back when I was 20 and really let myself down because I wasn't in the right mindset to be there but now I'm really embracing it and I'm doing far!

I'm going to stop rambling on for fear of making this post too long but I'm really excited for 2019 and while I might still be under the 'new year, new me' spell, I honestly want to make this the best year ever and I can't wait to share everything with you all - if there's anyone still reading that is, cos ya gal was gone forever.

I hope you're all okay and are having the best start to the year!

Always, Alice x

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