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If you told me this time last year that I'd go on two holidays in 2017 and I'd have another two booked in the first week of 2018, I'd have laughed in your face.

At the start of 2017, I'd been on a total of 2 holidays abroad in my whole life with no real plans in cement for the near future, but in September me and my other half FINALLY went on our first holiday to Rome - and now we're both absolutely addicted to Skyscanner and and have well and truly caught the travel bug!

We're visiting Berlin at the end of this month which I cannot bloody wait for and just the other day we booked another little trip to Gdánsk which may or may not have been influenced by all of the amazing photos from Sophie's Instagram...

Anyway, I don't want my travel plans for 2018 to stop there and I've got a wishlist as long as my arm of the places I want to visit and I thought I'd share a few of those with you - and to give myself a kick up the bum to actually go!

New York | My ultimate number one that's probably been at the top of my travel wishlist since I was still in the womb. I'm dying to go at Christmas which I know is so cliché but I'm obsessed with Home Alone: Lost In New York and I totally want to live it up by the Rockafeller Centre tree like Kevin McAllister and spend my entire years wages in Sephora. We've got plans to go next Christmas to give us time to save up and make it the trip of a lifetime so fingers crossed for me...

Paris | Another basic blogger cliché but I really want to visit Paris. I've technically been - on a Year 7 Disneyland Paris school trip, don't be jel - but I didn't explore the city itself and I definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I should have done at the time.

Croatia | We're thinking of making this our summer holiday location for 2018 as it looks bloody beautiful and somewhere I'd never think of holidaying if my other half hadn't mentioned it! Apparently it's an absolute scorcher in the summer months so I best get working on that summer body and put away the leftover Christmas biscuits!

Copenhagen | We almost booked a trip to Copenhagen recently but it was just a litttttttle (a lot) out of our price range. When we've got a bit more dolla though, I 100% want to visit for a few days and go to all the places that Instagam raves about.

Canada | My other half has always wanted to go skiing in Canada and while I'll be as much good on a pair of skis as I am at generally getting by in life I'd love to visit purely because it looks bloody BEAUTIFUL. I'd really love to visit Vancouver and do the Vancouver Island to Seattle trip too, once I was done with photographing the life out of all the mountains and lakes...

Jamaica | I'm not really one for hot holidays as I burn just thinking about the sun, but if I was ever going to treat myself to a luxurious beach holiday, I'd book Jamaica (or just anywhere in that region) in a heartbeat! From what I've seen it, it looks glorious and I'd be all for the culture and the food...and a cheeky Red Stripe on the beach!

Australia/New Zealand | I know these are two completely separate and different countries but if I'm ever lucky enough to visit that part of the world, I'd love to make a thing of it and do Aus and New Zealand in one mammoth trip. Back in the day, we had plans to do the whole travelling for a year thang that so many of my friends have done, and I'm so gutted we didn't (bought a car instead...BORING), but I hope we can get round to it someday.

Fiji | A couple of friends visited Fiji recently on their travels (beyond jealous) and their photos and stories looked and sounded amazing. The beaches look gorgeous and it's basically my idea of paradise. I'll get saving now and maybe I can afford it in another 25 years time!

Where would you like to travel to this year? Do you have any travel plans already?

Always, Alice x

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