The Holy Beauty Grail Of November

I last did one of these in February (how has the time flown?!) and it went down so well I thought I'd let you know what I absolutely could not live without this last month.

Introducing my holy beauty grail for November...the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment!

I'm shocked and appalled at myself to admit that this is the first and only Kiehls product I have ever tried, and if it wasn't for a last minute Kings Cross splurge while waiting for my train home, I'd still be without this baby in my life!

Eye products are definitely my favourite things to try out when it comes to skincare and I'm always on the hunt for something new that will brighten and treat my under eyes - and make me look less like a 93 year old panda who hasn't had a good nights sleep in about a decade.

While I'm under no illusions that one product can work miracles and irradicate under eye circles, bags and wrinkles altogether, since using Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, I've definitely seen a dramatic improvement. I've been using it pretty much non-stop morning and night for the whole month and my eye area has never looked better!

I've been struggling with dry eyelids for a while now too (rank, I know) and this has helped no end. It's quite a buttery kind of cream and it works best when it's given plenty of time to sink in (ideal for use overnight!) but once it's been allowed time to work its magic, I find my concealer and any eyeshadow I apply afterwards goes on like a DREAM. 

A little goes a helllllla long way too - I have a hefty 28ml tub which I've barely scratched the surface on - and while this badboy will set you back a cool £34 (or £24 for the 14ml) it's 100% worth it as it's gonna last me forever!

Ingredients-wise, it's full of avocado oil which gently nourishes the eyes like nothing I've ever used before. I also went for the limited edition packaging in support of the MTV Staying Alive foundation which donates £10 to educate and help protect young people who are unfortunate to live in communities affected by HIV and AIDS. An important cause to donate to, well done Kiehls.

In short, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. As far as I'm aware, this works for pretty much every skintype and it's so creamy that it's pretty much guaranteed to nourish even the driest of complexions. If you suffer with oiler skin, I'd still recommend using this overnight - you won't be disappointed!

What's been your holy grail beauty product of the last month or so? I'd love a new recommendation!
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Always, Alice x

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