Out & About| An Evening With Sukhothai

If there's one thing I'm sure about myself, it's that I'm a complete and utter foodie. I'd much rather go for a 3 course meal than on a boozy night and I'm always raring to try out new places - so when I was asked to try out Sukhothai in Leeds city centre, I think I actually quite literally jumped at the chance!

Leeds is only a short drive away and probably my favourite place EVER so it was the perfect excuse to travel across, do a bit of shopping and visit the Christmas markets beforehand!

After a full day of walking around Leeds in the FREEZING COLD I was more than ready for the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Sukhothai hits you with as you walk in the door. The staff are lovely - and their uniforms are bloody adorable - and we definitely felt well looked after by the end of the night, especially by our main waitress who's name I wished I'd got!

The menu is definitely extensive and for someone who takes about 4 hours to pick some chicken nuggets off the menu at McDonalds, it took me a while to pick what I wanted but I think I made the right choices in the end!

For starters, I went for scallops (which are my absolute favourite!) and my other half went for chilli squid! Both portions were massive and well worth ordering and even though the squid was spicy AF, both were delicious! The complimentary crackers went down well too, although I barely got a look in on those...

For mains, Nath went for a standard Thai green curry to sample their offering and I went for a red curry with tasty breaded chicken. I am by no means a Thai food connoisseur but it was probably the best curry I've ever had and the breaded chicken complimented it so well as opposed to just standard chicken! Again the portion sizes were ample and even though he couldn't handle the spice of his curry, Nath's was delicious too, because yano, I obviously had to try everything...

Lastly, for dessert we tried to be a bit out there. We ordered the Thai tea cake and the caramelised bananas and while the latter was definitely an acquired taste (no offence Sukhothai, we just don't have sophisticated palettes), my Thai tea cake was bloody divine and I've been thinking about it ever since!

We both thoroughly enjoyed our little date night at Sukhothai and I'm sure we'll be back to try out more of the massive menu. I love restaurants that feel really cosy and warm and have buzzing atmospheres and you definitely get this at Sukhothai. The hospitality was fab from start to finish and it makes a real difference to the impact of your experience, and we had a lovely one!

We visited the Leeds city centre branch on South Parade but if you're close to Harragate there's also one there, and another two in Leeds to pick from - one in Chapel Allerton and the other in Headingley - so if you're from Yorkshire or are visiting I'd give them a go!

I could not recommend Sukhothai enough if you want a cosy and enjoyable evening with good food and fab service, and the curries will definitely warm you up on a cold evening...

Always, Alice x

*This post was in collaboration with Sukhothai but all photos, words and opinions on spicy food and Thai crackers are my own.

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