Worst Blogger Ever?

totally unrelated pic but this was a fab day recently with two of my fave people

Hello, huns.

Remember me? I'm that gal that used to blog about lipstick and stuff and then one day I just dropped off the face of the earth.

It's been 3 whole months since I've uploaded ANYTHING on my blog and I've been pretty much none existent in the Twitter and Instagram universe as well...my bad.

I was feeling all amazing and motivated and 'YAS I've totally got this' the last time I popped up a blog post but then I had a pretty shitty August and I haven't felt like posting anything at all since then so I've given myself a well deserved break and I'm totally okay with it all.

I'm feeling fine and dandy now though - I went on holiday for the first time in TEN years (I know right, whaaaaaaaaat), started a new job, and all around just sorted out my shit and now I feel fresh.

I'm the master of procrastination though and I really didn't mean to not post for so long but in all honesty, it's done me the world of good to step back from social media for a bit and sort my real-life life out. Yano?

Anyways guys, I guess what I'm tryna say is I'm back and I've missed you all and I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into the blogosphere and bring you lots of fab content. And for the first time ever I can bring you some oh so exciting travel content because, well, I've actually travelled somewhere out of the country and I'm verrrrrrry pleased about it. And I'm off to Prague at the end of the month so there's that too. Hell yeah.

I hope you're all doing fab, and I promise not to leave you all for so long again!

Always, Alice x

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