My First Taste Of French Beauty ft. Avril Organic

Over the last year or so I've really gotten into this whole skincare malarky and I'm always on the hunt for new products to add to my overflowing bathroom cabinet. I've been lucky enough to have pretty decent skin up to now (thanks mama for the good genes), and I definitely want to keep it that way especially as I get older, so I'm always trying out newbies from different brands that will give my skin a good pamper and keep it looking fresh.

That being said, I was recently sent a little package from Avril beauty to try out, and while I hadn't heard of the French brand before, I was eager to see what was on offer!
First things first, everything, yes EVERYTHING, is certified organic, natural and completely cruelty-free. I'm trying to incorporate as many natural ingredients into my life as possible whether that be in my food or my shower gel so at first glance Avril was right up my street!

Second of all, it's cheap as chips. Shipping is around £7 from France which is pretty good and shipping is fairly fast too! The majority of the products themselves are under the £10 mark, which is fab for the old purse strings and we all know that budget beauty doesn't always mean lesser quality (I'm looking at you, The Ordinary, ya lil babe) so I had high hopes and here's what I tried out...

The Cleansing Gel / Since discovering my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel a while back, I've been well and truly on the cleansing gel train. There's something about the gel formula that I love that always leaves my face feeling silky smooth and super clean so when I saw Avril had one on offer too, I couldn't not try it! For a mere fiver it's definitely worth a try and it's much more luxurious than you'd expect for such a low price! You get a fair bit of product for your buck as well as it smelling absolutely DIVINE thanks to the aloe vera. I've been enjoying using this in a morning especially as it does a fab job of freshening up my skin and making me look less haggard and less like something from The Hills Have Eyes. WINNER.

The Micellar Water / If there's one product I'm fussy about, it's makeup removers and micellar waters and while I'll forever be faithful to my fave Garnier, I'm thoroughly impressed by this one by Avril! It removes my makeup easily and since it's got a hint of aloe vera in there (sense a theme yet?), it cares for my skin at the same time as cleaning it instead of leaving it gross and dry like others have in the past. Again for only around £7 you get a fair bit of product - 500ml to be exact - which won't be running out anytime soon so it's definitely great value for money!

The Body Scrub / The one area of my skincare routine I am bloody rubbish at is general body care and now that it's getting colder, I'm just waiting for the winter climate to take it's toll on my skin and make it a dry, scaly mess like it does every year. To help, I decided to try out the Avril body scrub and I've been making a real effort to add it into my regular beauty regime. It's a sugar scrub which I personally love using over other types as I find it makes my skin softer for longer and creates a lovely smooth base for applying fake tan - I also find it's not too harsh to use on the skin which is always a bonus...YAS! Again, this one smells absolutely amazing - grapefruit I think - which makes it a pleasure to use and makes scrubbing my skin that little bit more bearable.

To sum up, I'm allllllll about Avril as a brand and I'm definitely a fan of their ethos. Their goal is to provide high quality organic products without slapping on a horrific pricetag by saving money on packaging and advertising - although I still think the packaging is cute AF!
If you're on a budget or just fancy trying out some good quality products without spending a small fortune, Avril got you covered girrrrrrl.

Have you ever tried Avril before? What's your favourite beauty brand at the minute?
Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my posts!

Always, Alice x

*I was kindly gifted the products in this post but all opinions, photos and skincare rambles are my own.

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