Confessions Of A Panic Buyer (+ Tips To Shop Smarter)

My name's Jayd and I'm a panic buyer.

You'll often find me having a meltdown in my local New Look a couple of hours before my big night out when I can't find the skirt that I've pinned my hopes on in my size, or when my online delivery that had promised would arrive in time hasn't and now I'll absolutely have to wear a bin bag out or nothing.
I'm forever buying things I don't actually like or that don't do my figure any justice at all just because I'm in too much of a rush to try things on properly or I'll hurriedly buy things online the night before hoping and praying that I'll somehow end up looking like Blake Lively. So much so that I actually hate (and haven't actually worn out of the house) about 99.9% of my wardrobe - and GIRL you know I'm too lazy to do my returns so most of it still has tags on too.

Recently though, I've given myself a little panic buying intervention and I've decided I'm going to start shopping smarter and here's just how I'm going to do it...

It sounds so simple but actually trying things on in store makes the world of difference. You might think it looks banging on the hanger but everyone suits different things and it might not be the one for you. Don't be afraid to try on things you wouldn't normally go for too - you might surprise yourself and find something you love that you never thought you would!

If you have an outfit that makes you feel sassier than Beyoncé, WORK IT GIRL. You might have worn it once, twice or 20 times already but if it makes you feel and look your best then who cares?! We'd all love to never wear the same thing twice but unless you've got serious dolla, stop being silly, get your best gear on and stuff the haters.

NO exceptions. I learned this the hard way when I flashed my entire arse, spanx and all to Birmingham's city centre because my dress was a size too small and inevitably betrayed me. It looked amazing for all of 2 minutes but I was uncomfortable all night since it was too tight and when it finally ripped ALL THE WAY up the seam, I was mortified - all because I absolutely had to have the dress and couldn't possibly have found another in my actual size. My new rule? If it doesn't fit (or you can't walk) don't buy it.

I realise we don't all have time to do our shopping in actual shops and I'm not saying give up your online shopping bag altogether but how many times have you bought something online at the last minute only for it to look completely different and now you're stuck with it? Obviously with shops like ASOS there's no other option than to shop online so I'd suggest giving yourself enough time (if you can!) before an event to take your time while you browse. Have a rare afternoon off to shop and want to brave the Zara mob though? Do your research online first and see if you can find what you've got your eye on in store. You already know you like it and at least you can see for yourself in person whether or not it's for you without the commitment of handing over the cash!

I reckon this is where most of my panic buying woes have stemmed from - I never look at what my wardrobe actually needs, but more just buy things willy nilly and find out the hard way that none of it is versatile and most of it is just fast fashion that won't last. I've slowly started purchasing some key pieces that work well for me - a good leather biker jacket, a white t-shirt and the perfect ankle boots for example - and I'm starting to find I can piece together outfits so easily and virtually everything goes so well together. Hopefully over time I'll have a wardrobe full of key pieces for each season and getting dressed in a morning won't be such a ball ache!

Are you a smart shopper? If so, I'd love to know if you have any other tips that have helped you along the way to compiling your perfect wardrobe. If you're a panic buyer like me though, I hope my tips have helped you out...let me know either way!

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Always, Alice x 

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