Beauty: The Little Oskia Luxury That's Worth Every Penny

You know when you go into Space NK for a little browse and end up getting v.spendy in order to look even half like the glamorous sales assistants?

Yeah, that happened.

I went in looking for nothing in particular (story of my life) but came out almost £80 lighter at the mercy of the Oskia stand. Obviously I picked up my beloved Renaissance Cleansing Gel, but I also came out with the Eye Wonder Nutri-Active Eye Serum - a newbie I didn't realise I was desperately in need of.

Let me tell you a little gross fact about myself...I have the driest eyelids known to man.

It's totally weird and not even the best, most buttery Morphe eyeshadows can hide my scaly mess. I've tried endless eyeshadow primers to even it out and I've gone through more eye creams than I probably should have done at 24 years old but alas, my eyelids are still rank and still drier than an elephant.

After chatting to the GORGEOUS sales assistant for a good half an hour or so about whether or not Eye Wonder would be for me, I parted with my money and took the pricey little bugger home to test out - £48 lighter might I add.

Firstly, the packaging. THE PACKAGING! Oskia packaging is some of the best and this takes pride of place on my bedside table for all the world to see. You get 10ml of product in a little cylinder shape tube and while at first I thought it might not be much product, I've since learned a little goes a looooong way.

I use the teeniest bit of this every morning and night followed by my usual Clinique All About The Eyes eye cream and although my eyelids haven't completely gone from T-Rex to total goddess in just the week or so I've been using it, I've 100% noticed a difference. My eyes look instantly brighter and less fatigued and heaven behold, I can now apply eyeshadow and it actually looks smooth. YAS.

In case you were wondering too, it's made from lots of lovely natural ingredients and contains none of that funny stuff that's bad for your skin which gets another massive thumbs up from me. It's definitely a luxury product but it's one that I cannot live without now and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that will listen! It's such a lovely soothing and hydrating product that can hide a multitude of sins and I've found it's fab for the morning after all those late nights - you'd never even tell!

What is your favourite luxury product? Have you ever tried this one before?
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Always, Alice x

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