Life: Hello June

We are officially halfway through the year.


I can't even believe it and as I rub after-sun into my god awful bardot shaped sunburn I'm wondering to myself how the heck it's even summer when it feels like Christmas was a week ago?

I haven't done one of these posts in a while (not since March - awks) and while I'm disappointed in my lil old self for slacking so much on the blogging front recently, SO MUCH has happened since March and it was nice to read back my old goals and see what's changed.

The main thing that happened that I'm so freakin' proud of...I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!
After actual years of learning, I finally have a god awful mug shot on a little pink license and I couldn't be prouder of myself as it was a struggle and a half to get there. 
It was probably my main goal of 2017 too, so I'm so glad I've ticked it off my list!

There hasn't been anything else groundbreaking in the way of life events however I've been sticking at the gym and making real progress and I've really been trying to not be a disorganised mess. 

(Okay, ngl, I'm still a disorganised mess but I'm trying...)

As for goals this month, I've just got a few little ones that I really want to keep on top of...

Instagram more/ I was doing this whole thing of posting every single day and then I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for a month or two and now I'm really finding it hard to get back into it. I have a good run for a week and then nothing for two and I've got such a block on producing content! I'm really happy with my feed at the minute though, I just need to post more regularly! Also a cheeky plug but you can follow me here if you want to...just sayin'.

Practice better self-care/ I'm gonna be completely honest with you now and say that the last month or so has been dark. Like, I've never felt so down and rubbish and it's not been a nice time at all and to make matters worse I can't even put my finger on what's getting me down. To help, I really want to start having proper me-time with no social media or internet and just doing lovely things to  boost my mood like going for a walk around my town or just popping for a coffee on my own! 

Cook more/ Is it really necessary to eat out 5 times a week? No, I thought not but that's the horrid processed rut I find myself in and my abs are not thanking me for it! Working in a pub with staff discount is the WORST when trying to be healthy so I want to try and make a conscious effort not to eat at work but do a bit of meal prepping and take my own food along with me instead. I really enjoy cooking but the struggle is real when it comes to putting in the effort so I think it's time bite the bullet and dig out all my cookbooks and start being a little kitchen whiz.

What are your goals for June? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you all have a bloody amazing month!

Always, Alice x

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