The Perfect Spring Scent

Just when I was weighing up new fragrance options to add to my collection, the postman came a-knocking and with him brought the answer to my prayers.

I have been a fan of Viktor & Rolf perfumes since forever so to find a box with a brand new scent on my lap was THE ONE and it couldn't have come at a better time. Flowerbomb Bloom* is the new eau de toilette from the Dutch fashion house and if you know me, you'll know I rave about Viktor & Rolf perfumes 24/7 so I'm super excited about this new release.

The original Flowerbomb scent is extremely fresh and floral but it's got this hint of vanilla that makes it so sexy and perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. Flowerbomb Bloom on the other hand is lighter and even more fresh with lots of fruity undertones that make it perfect for daytime wear - something I am very excited about as I've been on the hunt for the ultimate Spring fragrance.


But what's this one all about? (spoiler - this is where I try and sound real profesh and like I know what I'm on about...bear with me) It's described as a fruity floriental scent which I totally get without actually being able to explain it to you. It's definitely fruity and fresh but there's a little something something about it that smells exotic and like it wouldn't be out of place on a fancy holiday somewhere special. There's top notes of pomegranate accord, bergamot and mandarin oils which hit you right away and I think it's what makes Flowerbomb Bloom so inviting and wearable. Get this - the heart is made up of pure air molecules from Pacific Northwest mountain ranges. Now, the skeptic in me is like whaaaaaaaat, but I'm so intrigued and I think that's what makes this scent so unusual and light compared to the other V&R offerings.

Lastly, the base notes are the musks, vanilla and patchouli that can be found in the original Flowerbomb fragrance, so it's not a far cry from that, just a fresher and lighter approach which I am definitely a fan of.

And can we just talk about the bottle? I love the effort that Viktor & Rolf put into their branding and packaging and Flowerbomb Bloom is no exception. It's kept the original Flowerbomb diamond-meets-grenade design of bottle but it's a lot more elongated and definitely doesn't look out of place on my dressing table.

I didn't think I could fall in love with a fragrance as much as my beloved Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon Couture (do you see a pattern forming here though?), but I think Flowerbomb Bloom has come up trumps and I'm so excited to wear it through Spring and Summer and I think it will easily become my go-to daily fragrance.

I'd definitely urge you to go give it a whiff for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
Flowerbomb Bloom is available now from Debenhams and other retails from £45.

What is your favourite fragrance of the moment? Have you tried any Viktor & Rolf scents before?
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Always, Alice x

*the products in this post were kindly gifted to me but all thoughts, photos and rubbish attempts to describe a perfume are my own!

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