25 Topshop Bits You Absolutely Need This Season

(please excuse my pudding face)

I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Topshop.

Sometimes I'll go in and instantly need a hefty bank loan to afford everything I want and OMG allllll the mom jeans and cute slogan tees.
And then sometimes I'll walk in and straight back out again with the biggest disappointment face at not even finding a pair of socks I wanted to take home with me.

Right now, I want EVERYTHING.

One evening recently whilst procrastination was at it's finest, I accidentally found myself browsing the Topshop website and I am seriously impressed. I'm definitely an autumn/winter girl at heart and the thought of buying summer clothes and getting my legs out gives me the heeby-jeebies but this season Topshop are doing it so right.

The piece that started it all is the sassy little number I'm wearing in the v.awkward selfie above. I'm not normally a high neck tshirt kinda gal but I love the slogan print and after seeing it on the website for an absolute steal of £15 by Topshop standards, I marched right into my local store and bought it there and then.

As for the rest of my wishlist, I'm sure you'll agree that it's all b-e-a-utiful. I really wish I was going on a summer holiday this year so I had an excuse to buy that adorable yellow floral playsuit (1) and the marble bikini (22). I really love all of the prints they have going on at the minute too, and I'm especially obsessed with all the patterned trousers. I'm a jeans gal through and through but I adore the striped and the gingham trousers (6 & 11) and I'll probably be making a few other purchases very, very soon.

One thing Topshop always excel in is in the dress department and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the blue striped Little House On The Prairie-esque number (14). I saw Hannah Gale wearing it on Instagram a while back and have been pining after it ever since so it's no surprise it's made it onto my wishlist! Finally. if you haven't given into the gingham trend just yet, Toppers have you covered there too again with the paper bag trousers (11) and the pretty washed out smock top (16) that I saw a 40 year old glam queen rocking at the weekend and instantly needed to know where it was from. The trench coat is also a big trend this season too, and I love the gingham print one (9) which is pretty out there but it's definitely a way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

What are your favourite pieces? I'd love to know in the comments and let me know any other brands that are killing it this season! Any excuse to do a bit more shopping, right?

Always, Alice x

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