The Lazy Gals Guide To Sticking With The Gym

You know the drill.

You work your little arse off at the gym for a couple of weeks trying to look like Kendall Jenner/Beyonce/Rosie HW, then one night of a Netflix/Dominoes binge happens and're off the wagon.
Gone are the dreams of being the next Womens Health cover star with abs of steel and instead you're right back where you started and your gym card is gathering dust.

25 Topshop Bits You Absolutely Need This Season

(please excuse my pudding face)

I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Topshop.

Sometimes I'll go in and instantly need a hefty bank loan to afford everything I want and OMG allllll the mom jeans and cute slogan tees.
And then sometimes I'll walk in and straight back out again with the biggest disappointment face at not even finding a pair of socks I wanted to take home with me.

Right now, I want EVERYTHING.

The Perfect Spring Scent

Just when I was weighing up new fragrance options to add to my collection, the postman came a-knocking and with him brought the answer to my prayers.