Supercharge Yourself

I don't know about you, but I go through stages of being a healthy, super-fit, clean eating nutcase. In between scoffing allllll the cake, I'm constantly on the quest for wellness and finding new ways to look after my mind and body. My cupboards are chock full of superfoods and good stuff (and chocolate, cos it's all about the balance right?) but one thing I surprisingly haven't tried is Manuka honey.

Treasuring Memories With Printiki

I am actually the worst at printing off photos, and even though I got married like 8 months ago, I barely have any photos from the big day to show off to people!
Luckily, I was contacted by the lovely Beatriz at Printiki - a fab photo printing website - and I finally got my hands on some fab poloroid style photos from the big day and from our lovely little honeymoon to Brighton!

Blogging vs. Life

Hello blogging world, it's been a while.

I haven't actually sat down at my laptop and just written a post in well over a month now and I have mixed feelings about it.

The February Love List

It's been a good while since I've done any sort of favourites post, and while I'm pretty loyal to the products I use, I've accumulated a load of new faves in the last few months that I want to share with you all!

Life: Hello March


I feel like I was taking my Christmas tree down only yesterday yet here we are on the first day of March and it's so lovely and sunny outside that I feel like spring is actually here!

February was a mix of success and failure for me. I was flying with my blog posts for the best part of the month and the photography I was putting out there is probably some of my best work and I'm SO happy with it all. Then as usual life got in the way and my routine was buggered, and I barely had any time to string together a sentence nevermind a whole blog post!

It wasn't all bad though - I got a promotion in the middle of the month and then a week later I got another little one! I've been spending the last week or so working hard at my new job role and learning so many new things, and although my little blog has been put on the back burner, it's all been for a good cause!

As I do with monthly posts, I put together my goals for the month ahead. Last month, I vowed to keep up with my fitness, improve my photography, cut down on allllllll the sugar and stop spending money and start saving it.

Okay, so I kept up with my fitness kind of. I was doing fab at the gym and had really gotten into the swing of it when my new job came around and I barely had any time to myself. I've noticed some changes in my body though and definition is starting to form so I'm looking forward to getting back into it all next week and seeing where I can go with it!
I've already mentioned that my blog photography has improved massively lately and I'm excited to create more content and see where I can go with it! I'm having a bit of a photography sesh this afternoon so watch this space!

The two I didn't do so well with though were saving the dolla and cutting down on sugar. I've had a month of travelling, eating out and driving lessons and my bank balance hates me. Hopefully with my lil pay rise starting soon I can save a bit more and spend a little less. I'm also still on the sugar but I'm determined to cut down again this month. My last blog post featured all of my healthy sweet treats and I've got a massive snack box full of them for when times get hard but I still can't kick my Ben & Jerry's addiction.

And for this month?

Pass my driving test / I feel like I've been learning to drive FOREVER and I'm determined that this WILL be the month that I finally pass! It's something I've been carrying around on my shoulders for ages and I can't wait until I can finally hold my pink license in my hand and not worry about it anymore!

Drink less coffee / I'm actually addicted to the stuff but I really want to cut down this month and start drinking a heck of a lot more water and switch to green tea instead. I know I can't get rid of the joe completely but I want to try and cut down as much as I can and get my energy levels up.

Organise my life / Okay so this is a biggy and it won't happen overnight but I want to get my shit together! I'm sick of rushing around in a morning, always forgetting things and not getting things done out of being lazy and I want to put a stop to it and make the most of my time!

As always, I'll update you next month with my progress and hopefully March will be a successful one! What are your goals for the month?
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Always, Alice x