The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week #38

What made me happy this week...

- I started the week with a cute little gym/brunch date with my friend Lucy and we had coffee and breakfast and it was divine. I always preferred going to the gym on my own but we're both on a mission to get super fit so we thought we'd do it together and it's going fab so far (mainly due to the fact that Lu makes me do press ups and is basically just a MASSIVE ball buster). Bring on the abs!

- Me and the other half have made lots of plans over the last couple of weeks and this week we've planned a couple of little holidays which have me feeling extremely giddy! One is going to be a lil wedding anniversary trip, and the other is going to be a big family Christmas trip (spoiler...there will be snow) and I am so excited and I'm not one to wish my life away but I want it all to hurry up! Watch this space though and I'll keep you posted on our plans...

- My delightful husband (still can't get used to that) got into University! It's only early days yet and we still don't know what's in store for us come September but I'm so bloody proud nonetheless.

- If all that wasn't enough, I also got a little promotion at work and I'm so excited to start! It also means investing in a cute work wardrobe...YAAAAAASSS.

What made you happy this week?
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Always, Alice x

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