Food: Healthy Snacks For The Sugar Fiend


There's no two ways about it. I'm a dessert girl all the way and I can never say no to a tub of Ben & Jerry's or that slice of cheesecake for pudding with a caramel latte on the side. It wasn't much of a problem a couple of years ago when I could eat anything I want and stay a size 6 but as I've gotten older and my body has fully grown, allllll that sugar and sweet stuff is taking it's toll and the scales tell me so.

Recently though, I've been doing my research and trying my best to cut down on too much refined sugar and eating healthy snacks instead. I won't lie - nothing will replace macarons and Dairy Milk in my life - but I've definitely cut down and I'm enjoying eating the healthier stuff instead!

Graze boxes / The thing that started it all of was my little Graze subscription boxes. I used to get the whole sha-bang with a mix of sweet and savoury snacks sent to my door each fortnight but to be honest, most of it would go in the bin uneaten. More recently though, I switched my boxes out for the bakery box which specifically sends all of Graze's sweet selection to you for only a couple of quid. There's all my favourite cakes in mini (and healthy) sizes and there's a whole range of flapjacks too that are perfect for that mid morning/afternoon sugar fix that I can't seem to kick. Sure, they're not all sugar free and completely healthy but each little pot is definitely better than binging on cookies or chocolate!

Nakd Bars / If you know me well, you'll know I am OBSESSED with Nakd bars. I have a massive stash of them in my cupboard and I don't think there's a flavour yet that I don't love (except the carrot cake ones, they naaaaaaasty) so they're the perfect accompaniment to my mid morning coffee. Again, they're not completely free of sugar but they're all natural and there's nothing horrible in there so I can always snack on one of these guilt free - plus they're one of your 5 a day! My faves at the minute are the Peanut Power and the Bakewell Tart ones...seriously yum.

Household essentials / For something a little cheaper and easier to get your hands on, you can't go wrong with a big handful of nuts or raisins! While I'm not a massive fan of raisins, I love snacking on almonds and I always make sure to keep a pot in my kitchen cupboard. Almond butter is another alternative I love - it tastes fab when slathered all over some dates! And to keep things super simple, you can't go wrong with a banana or an apple. Something we all have in our fruit bowl and so tasty!

Urban Fruit / Lastly, I am loving packets of Urban Fruit Smashing Strawberry. I've not tried anything else from the range but I love these! They're so moreish and so easy to demolish a packet within a couple of minutes. They're super sweet so I like to enjoy these as a treat after tea and again, they're made from natural ingredients so it's pretty much a guilt free indulgence.

As well as shop bought snacks, I also like to make my own! My personal faves at the minute have to be the fizzy truffles from Deliciously Ella Every Day and Madeleine Shaw's choc chip cookie recipe. While buying healthy snacks at the supermarket is a lot easier and fuss free, if I want to be super healthy, I make my own so I can see exactly what is going into them. I like to keep a tub of each in the house most weeks that I can nibble on to my hearts content!

I'd love to know if you're a sugar fiend like me and you have any healthy alternatives to the sweet stuff! If you do, let me know in the comments below!

Always, Alice x

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