Beauty: Inside The February Birchbox + First Impressions

I'm just going to put it out there and say that I think this month's Birchbox is probably my favourite one EVER.

Aside from the fact that it looks bloody gorgeous thanks to the fact that they've teamed up with stationery brand Papier, the stuff inside this month is actually fab and worth the £12.95 for the box. I've been showcasing my Birchbox deliveries on my blog for a while now, and while there's been some that have been really disappointing, they're really upped their game recently and each box just gets better and better.

But what's inside you ask?

Spectrum Marbelous Eye Contour Brush / Okay, we'll start with the pick of the crop and probably the reason this box is so flippin' good. Inside every box this month you'll find a full size Spectrum eye contour brush, which as well as probably being the most instagrammable brush EVER, it's also a really good eyeshadow brush and I'm so excited to use it properly. Spectrum brushes released their Marbelous collection last year, and the brushes are allllll the goals with the white, grey and rose gold design so it's super genius of Birchbox to include one for everyone to try.

POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha / What better to way to test out the new Spectrum beauty than with a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow palette! This one is only a sample size of the full-size 10 pan palette but I still think it's a pretty generous size and the shades are gorgeous and definitely right up my street. I've gotten a POP Beauty eyeshadow trio in a Birchbox before which has been so well loved, so I'm excited to put this one to the test and I'm sure I'll love it just as much.

Whish Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefuit / I was actually just thinking the other day that it was probably time to pick up a shaving cream of some sort after years of never using one and drying my poor little legs out everytime I shaved and yaaaaassss my prayers were answered. Again, Whish is another brand that I've had in Birchboxes before that always do the loveliest body products - and this one smells AMAZING so I'll definitely be using it tonight to get rid of my gorilla legs!

Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray / This is something I definitely need in my life, and I won't lie that I used this only 10 minutes or so after my box arrived and I love it. My hair is so dry at the best of times so I've been trying out a lot of different products after washing to see what made a difference and this one has given the best results. It's never going to be a miracle worker but it's left my hair feeling silky smooth and hydrated for longer than usual, which is a godsend.

Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum / Again, this was something I couldn't wait to use and it is BEAUTIFUL. It smells amazing due to the rose absolute and it instantly makes my skin feel smooth and thoroughly cared for, which is no mean feat since my skin is a horrible dry mess at the minute. It's my first dabble into Korean skincare but I'm seriously considering buying the full size version when I'm done with this mini one as I'm really enjoying using it!

I'll definitely keep you all updated on what I think of this month's products but upon first glance, I'm seriously impressed and I'm already eagerly anticipating next months box! I also love that there's a little quote postcard included by F. Scott Fitzgerald who is one of my favourite authors ever, and it'll be making it's way into a frame and onto my office wall as soon as I've finished typing this!

Have you tried the February Birchbox? What do you think of it?
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Always, Alice x

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