Beauty: Are You Brow Ready?

If there's one thing I love, it's a new makeup release from one of my favourite brands, so you'll understand how bloody excited I was when a little package from Rimmel London arrived on my doorstep - and if you know how much time I spend on my eyebrows in a morning, you'll understand how I actually squealed with joy when I saw it was full of their Brow This Way eyebrow products!
There's a fab array of products available from brow gels to eyebrow pencils to brow palettes, and no matter whether you've got bold brows, blonde brows or thin, barely there brows, there's definitely going to be something you'll love. I'm quite picky with my brow products as I've been disappointed with a lot in the past but I've discovered a few faves here that I'll definitely be using day in, day out.

The thing that started off the whole collection is the Brow This Way brow styling gels. I think these were originally released a couple of years ago and I'm almost certain I picked one up on a whim one time, tried it once and then lost it somewhere, so I'm looking forward to giving them another go! There's a shade to suit pretty much every gal out there but I'm probably most excited to see there's a clear gel included which will set my perfectly pruned brows in place without having to worry about any extra colour transfer messing them up. It's also great for gym days when I want to look put together without looking like I've made any effort at all and I think these ones have been updated with added Argan oil for a little bit of conditioning for the brows on each application. WINNING.

I'm pretty sure the major new release in the collection are the Brow This Way brow sculpting kits, which all contain a brow pomade and a powder as well as two little brush thingys in a cute little palette that is PERFECT for travel. I've been completely in love with the Benefit Ka-Brow brow pomade recently, but I've swapped it for one of these in my shade Medium Brown and I actually prefer it! The two products in the palette work so well together to create the most flawless brows and even the little tools you get with them aren't half bad either. At a flipping steal for only £3.99, it's definitely worth going for this rather than the pricier options on the market - I'm looking at you ABH - as it does the job just as well!

Since discovering brow waxes and pomades, I've rarely felt the need to reach for an eyebrow pencil, but Rimmel have you covered in that area too if that's what tickles your fancy. Again, there's a shade for everyone and the feel of these is lovely and creamy rather than them god awful ones you literally scratch your entire eyebrow off with, and I'll definitely be putting them to the test properly to see if I can be converted back!

Lastly, and probably the product I've been most excited about is the Brow This Way highlighter pencil. I love a good highlight on the brow bone - it really makes my the arch in my brow that I've so lovingly sculpted look amazing - and this again is so creamy and blend-able that it makes application a dream!

If you're anywhere near as obsessed with created that eyebrows on fleek look, I'd totally recommend giving the Brow This Way stuff a look in, especially if you're on a budget as it's so affordable!

What's your favourite eyebrow product? Have you tried out any of these before?
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Always, Alice x

*these products were kindly gifted to me by Rimmel London but all words, opinions and eyebrow loving tendencies are my own. 

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