Life: Reflecting on 2016

I can't even believe that I'm typing this but with 2017 just a sleep away, I thought I'd take a minute to reflect back on the year and all of it's ups and downs and start 2017 with a fresh start and clear mind.
I'm that walking cliché that takes each New Year as 'new year, new me' and in 2016 it was my mission to make that a reality!
Lets talk goals.

One of the main goals I wanted to achieve this year was to get fit. I had a few good stints at the gym and I've been reading Women's Health religiously every month but I ain't gonna lie gals, I did not get those abs I've been longing for. But that's okay! I've been eating a lot healthier (she says, whilst eating a share bag of Celebrations), I've been drinking a lot more water and all around I've just been looking after myself better. I know it's THE goal of the New Year for everyone and I'm pretty sure the gym will be rammed come January 1st (and empty come February, amariteeee?) but I really want to stay on track this year and make fitness a real priority in my life like never before. I'm constantly in awe of all these fitness bloggers and those gals on my Insta that look INSANE, and in 2017 I want to be one of them! I don't really care for getting abs anymore but I just want to look and feel good in my own skin and start taking care of my body.

Another of my goals for 2016 was to dedicate more time and effort to my little blog, and even though I had a few blips here and there due to a certain big event that happened this summer, at the back end of this year I've really made a go of my blog and my social media and I'm doing better than I ever have before and my corner of the internet is growing with each post! I'm so excited to carry this on into 2017 - I've got loads of content planned and I really want to up my content and photography game and perhaps start a lil YT this space.

I guess the main thing to reflect back on over 2016 though, is my WEDDING!
Yep, me and my other half got hitched (read my post here), and it was magical. If you'd have described the day to me at the beginning of the year it would not have been what I expected at all but I think that's what's made it such a lovely day in the end. All of the stress and planning was a good effort and we pulled off a fab day that everyone loved but the main thing for me was spending time with loved ones and having a day to remember with my husband

Yeah, I still can't get used to that!

I also changed jobs this summer, which I didn't see happening at the start of the year. It isn't a far cry from what I was doing before and it's definitely a lot more intense than any previous jobs but I'm so glad I did it! God knows where life will take me and what my career will be when I finally get one but for now I'm content with where I'm at and everything else will just fall into place.

I think the only other thing worth really mentioning in 2016 was our little honeymoon to Brighton (read my post here)! Obviously it's not the typical place to go on a honeymoon but we had such an amazing time doing pretty much nothing but wandering up and down the seafront and eating at everrrrrrrrry place possible! 

Overall 2016 was a fab and life changing year for me and one I wouldn't change for the world. I'm beyond excited for 2017 though and there are some massive changes on the horizon which I can't wait to see how they pan out and I'm also excited to spend another year making content for all you lovely lot. I know it's been a terrible year in retrospect for many of you out there, and it's been well documented that we've lost some absolute icons this year but lets make 2017 a fabulous one and a happy one!

Happy New Year you mega babes and here's to an amazing 2017!

Oh and also, come back tomorrow as I may have a little giveaway going live!

Always, Alice x

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