Life: Hello December


Is this even actually happening? (Although I'm definitely not complaining because I've just decorated my Christmas tree and my house is pretty much Santa's Grotto right now)

You guys seemed to love my Hello November post last month so I thought I'd make it a regular thing where I make a make a load of goals and attempt to stick to them and look back at the last month's list and see how I got on!

Spoiler alert though, I definitely failed on the goal front this last month bar a couple of things so I'm going to try and REALLY go for it in December!
In November I vowed to finally get my arse back into the gym (I didn't), spend more time with my mum (I haven't) and get a head start on my Christmas shopping (shall we even go there).

However I did manage to have more me time, blog a little bit more and spend more time with friends which made November a fab one for me. I also set myself some SM and blog goals and I've absolutely smashed those which I'm so happy about!

And for this month?

- Get back into yoga. I ain't fooling anyone if I vow to get my bum back to the gym again this month just because well, ALL THE CHRISTMAS FOOD. But I do want to get back into doing daily yoga like I used to and slowly start being more active so I can be the usual January 1st cliché and do that whole new year, new me thing.

- Take more outfit photos. In November I posted my first ever outfit post to Always, Alice and while I'm not a model in the making nor were they the best photos ever, I really enjoyed doing it and it's something I want to add more of to my blog!

- Drink more water. Since it's become so cold, I've been struggling to drink anything except coffee and tea and allllll the hot drinks but I've noticed recently how drinking little water has affected my body and skin so I'm vowing to drink more this month and really look after myself!

- Be more organised. I'm not one of those people who is here, there and everywhere but I'm not exactly an organisational queen either. I want to keep on top of everything this month with my blog, my house and my social life. Fingers crossed, gals!

- Book a driving test. Easier said than done when they cost an arm and a leg and when driving makes me anxious as HELL but I need to get back on with it and finally pass!

I'll update you next month with how I get on but let me know in the comments any of your goals you have for the month and I hope it's a good one!
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Always, Alice x

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