Life: The Christmas Films You NEED To Watch

If you haven't watched a Christmas film, have you even celebrated Christmas though?

There's absolutely nothing I love more during winter than getting cosy on the sofa next to my twinkling Christmas tree and watching a feel good Christmas film with a steaming hot chocolate and with that in mind, I've teamed up with Panasonic to give you a run down on my all-time favourite Christmas films that would pair so well with the release of their new Viera 4K UHD tv!

Home Alone 1 & 2
It's not Christmas without the cutie that is Macauley Culkin (pre drug/alcohol addiction) and these are definitely some of my favourite Christmas films EVER! I've never even bothered with the rest of the Home Alone franchise cos well, WHY, but I've been watching these two on repeat since December kicked in. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York has to be my fave of the two and it's obviously where my longing to visit the Big Apple started!

The Holiday
Anything with Jude Law in gets a thumbs up from me, and admittedly, I have been known to watch this all year round cos it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! It's one you can watch over and over again no matter how many times you've seen it before and it will still never get old. I love the characters so much (especially Mr Napkin Head...) and I know I'll be settling down with my other half to watch this as soon as I can.

Would you believe that I hadn't actually seen this until last year?! I've never been a massive Will Ferrell fan but I bloody love him in this! It's completely daft and magical and I made the best decision ever picking it up in Tesco the other day!

Love Actually
Again, I'd probs watch this in the middle of Summer but it only gets better! Anyone else get goosebumps every time they hear that intro to 'All I Want For Christmas' and instantly feel resentful that you can't sing like an angel? No, just me? I normally bring this badboy out on Christmas Day after the turkey's been demolished and allllll of the Quality Street have been consumed and this year will be no different. It's an emotional rollercoaster and the characters are amazing and if you haven't seen it then you need to get yourself a copy pronto!

It's A Wonderful Life
This one is my favourite of them all and it's a story that I'm completely in love with. It's in black and white all the way back in 1946, which I think might put some people off giving it a go but it's such a classic! The main character George is such a sweetie and it's such a magical and heartwarming story that you won't be able to stop thinking about after you've seen it! Trust me, it will be the best one you'll watch this year!

I'm sure there's loads more films out there that I've forgotten about and you'll all have your personal faves too but I hope you like my choices and let me know which ones you love!
Obviously Christmas is the time for giving but if you fancy giving yourself a little gift and having the perfect platform for all your Christmassy films then you can buy the new Panasonic Viera Ultra HD tv from a number of places including John Lewis and Currys!

Always, Alice x

*This post was kindly sponsored by Panasonic, but all words, photos and overwhelming love of Christmas films are my own!

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