It's Christmaaaaaaas!


I can't actually believe I just typed those words but the big day is here and I hope you're all having the most festive and happy day so far and are gearing up for your Christmas dinner later!

As for me, I'm spending most of the day at work serving other people their Christmas lunch but I'm looking forward to getting home in my cosy pjs with a Christmas film and my own pigs in blankets to feast on. It's also my first Christmas as a married woman which I am so excited about and I'm pretty sure today is going to be just as amazing as the rest of them. It's also another year that I'm in charge of the Christmas dinner (only for 2 of us mind), and I don't think it gets anymore festive or adult as that!

I hope you've all been spoilt rotten and are having a lovely time with your loved ones, and I just wanted to take this little slice of your day to say Merry Christmas and thank you for sticking with Always, Alice in 2016!

Have a lovely Christmas guys and roll on New Year!

Always, Alice x

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