A Few Festive Favourites

If there was ever an excuse to talk about Christmas (again...) on my blog, then here it is!
I haven't done a favourites post in a while because I haven't really had any bloody time to try anything new out or really love anything worth talking about, but obviously as soon as December rolled around, I went into full on Christmas mode and I have some festive inspired favourites that I want to share with you!
The first thing I've been loving and the thing that's inspired lots of festive and cosy nights in is my new Johanna Basford colouring book, Johanna's Christmas (£5.00). Is this not the cutest friggin' colouring book you've ever seen! It's my favourite of all the Johanna Basford range so far and I find it the most therapeutic of them all to colour in. I've been using it as an excuse to get my cosy clothes on, wrap up in a blanket with something festive on the tv and I've been colouring away to my hearts content!

I recently wrote a little post about my favourite Christmas films of all time, and would a festive favourites post be complete without one or two?! I've chosen The Holiday and It's A Wonderful Life as I've watched them both recently and they're just the best! No doubt I'll go through my entire collection (sad, I know) before the big day and I'll probably end up watching these again!

You may also have seen in a recent post that I was kindly gifted a box full of Yankee candle treats and I've been burning them ALL. MONTH. LONG. My favourite of the bunch is the Berry Trifle medium jar (£13.29), which I didn't actually realise was a festive scent but I bloody love it! I cannot give thanks enough to Debenhams for making my house smell so yummy - even my other half was impressed! I was also sent a Yankee Candle advent calendar which as you can probably guess has made my December mornings very happy and festive.

A couple of beauty faves I've been loving lately include the Polaar The Genuine Lapland Cream (£15.00 for 50ml) which I got in the November Birchbox! I think it's meant to be for the face and body but I've just been using it on my hands and it has helped massively with the usual Winter case of dry and flaky hands. I couldn't not include it too because look at that packaging (and the fact it's Lapland cream instantly makes it festive AF) and it smells lovely and comforting which makes it a joy to use at this time of year.
I also couldn't not include a berry lip of some sort and the one I've been reaching for the most recently is the Gosh Velvet Touch matte lipstick in the shade Grape (£6.99). Anyone who knows me will know that I rave to the high hills about Gosh lipsticks and I think they are SERIOUSLY underrated. If I've been rocking a red lip in December, the chances are it's been this one and it's fab. The texture and longevity are similar if not better to the MAC matte lipstick range, but at a fraction of the price and they also fade so nicely so you're not left with the awkward lines on your lips. Gosh also do a range of waterproof lip liners in matching shades too, and my collection of both is slowly building!

Last but not least, my festive scent of choice has been YSL Black Opium (£54.00 for 50ml) and I cannot get enough of it. It's in such a pretty sparkly bottle which is perfect for Christmas (and makes a great gift!) and the smell is so warming and sexy! It's quite a heavy, sweet scent which I absolutely love at this time of year and it sticks around all day and gets you alllllll the compliments. YASSSS gurl.

What are you favourite products at this time of year?
Let me know in the comments, as I'd love to try some new things!

Always, Alice x

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