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So since it's officially Autumn now and it's actually started to get slightly cooler (she says wearing 3 layers, cosy socks and still shivering...), I thought a good way to warm myself up would be to take a look at our honeymoon photos from Brighton.

If you've never been to Brighton, let me tell you now that it bloody amazing. It's like a completely different world down there and everyone and everything is so cute and quirky and THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS.

When we first started thinking of honeymoons, Brighton was definitely at the bottom of the pile and we were thinking of going to a number of places from St Lucia to Thailand to New York at Christmas to Venice! But me being as last minute as always and not having sorted my passport and the fact that weddings cost a FORTUNE, we decided to stay in the UK and booked a gorgeous hotel on Brighton seafront for a week. 

Literally in the blink of an eye we were married off, (you can read my wedding post here!)bags were packed and we were on our way. 238493805 hours on various different trains later we arrived and since we left a very rainy East Yorkshire behind we didn't have high hopes for the weather that week but it was BOILING. Like seriously, any regrets we had about not going abroad went out the window and we had the sunburn to prove it. 

Cue a weeks worth of walking around the pier and along the seafront, eating 3 massive meals a day in the best cafes and restaurants (Lucky Beach and Mangé Tout, I'm looking at you babes) and drinking ALL the coffee. We didn't plan too much for our trip apart from a day in London at the end of the week, and after months and months of working our arses to the bone to afford the wedding and running around like mad people getting all our plans together, it was nice to just do nothing and potter around like tourists. North Laine is now my absolute favourite place ever and I was loving how everything was all organic and vegetarian friendly and there were so many cute stalls selling jewelry and bags and skincare. There's so much amazing street art and I could have spent every single day wandering around seeing everything there was to see!

I thought you might like to have a nosy at some of our photos from the week and if you've never been to Brighton, I'd suggest you book a trip ASAP! 

Have you ever been to Brighton? Where are your favourite places?
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Always, Alice x

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