Beauty: Handy Heroes From Lush

If there's one thing working in a bar has taught me, it's that hand cream is definitely your best friend.

Anyone who spends all day long carrying hot plates, pulling pints and polishing cutlery until their hands are as dry as the Sahara will feel my pain here, so I want to share with you my little hand care heroes from Lush that have made my hands super soft and lovely again!

The first step on the quest to softness is to scrub away all the dead and dry skin and the Salted Coconut hand scrub does just the job. It's a light scrub that can be used sparingly for a quick fix or generously for a proper pamper and intense exfoliation. It's made with natural sea salt and coconut oil so it's really good for your skin and instantly makes them feel super soft and smooth. The smell is a little odd - somewhere in between playdough and the seaside - but it's strangely comforting and I've really been enjoying adding this extra step into my nightly pamper routine.

My favourite Lush product EVER (a bold claim, I know) is the Helping Hands hand cream and let me just tell you that it is worth every penny. It's a deeply nourishing hand cream made from almond, cocoa butter and chamomile that nourishes and restores moisture within minutes and I cannot leave the house without it in the colder months! It was originally created with nurses in mind to restore moisture after all of the hand washing they have to do and you can definitely tell as it works better than any hand cream I've tried before. A little goes a hellllll of a long way too and one little 100g pot lasts me a good few months before I need a new one!

These two little beauties make for the best little hand pamper ever after a long day at work and it's probably my favourite part of my pamper routine at the minute. They work so well together and I've even got my other half using them both before bed so he feels pampered too!

Have you ever tried Salted Coconut or Helping Hands? What are your favourite Lush products?
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Always, Alice x

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