Beauty: Handy Heroes From Lush

If there's one thing working in a bar has taught me, it's that hand cream is definitely your best friend.

Anyone who spends all day long carrying hot plates, pulling pints and polishing cutlery until their hands are as dry as the Sahara will feel my pain here, so I want to share with you my little hand care heroes from Lush that have made my hands super soft and lovely again!

The first step on the quest to softness is to scrub away all the dead and dry skin and the Salted Coconut hand scrub does just the job. It's a light scrub that can be used sparingly for a quick fix or generously for a proper pamper and intense exfoliation. It's made with natural sea salt and coconut oil so it's really good for your skin and instantly makes them feel super soft and smooth. The smell is a little odd - somewhere in between playdough and the seaside - but it's strangely comforting and I've really been enjoying adding this extra step into my nightly pamper routine.

My favourite Lush product EVER (a bold claim, I know) is the Helping Hands hand cream and let me just tell you that it is worth every penny. It's a deeply nourishing hand cream made from almond, cocoa butter and chamomile that nourishes and restores moisture within minutes and I cannot leave the house without it in the colder months! It was originally created with nurses in mind to restore moisture after all of the hand washing they have to do and you can definitely tell as it works better than any hand cream I've tried before. A little goes a hellllll of a long way too and one little 100g pot lasts me a good few months before I need a new one!

These two little beauties make for the best little hand pamper ever after a long day at work and it's probably my favourite part of my pamper routine at the minute. They work so well together and I've even got my other half using them both before bed so he feels pampered too!

Have you ever tried Salted Coconut or Helping Hands? What are your favourite Lush products?
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Always, Alice x

Beauty: Bonbon Couture by Viktor & Rolf

Ever since it's release in 2014, Bonbon EDP by Viktor and Rolf has been one of my most loved and worn fragrances so you would not believe how excited I was to get a surprise package in the post with V&R's latest creation - Bonbon Couture!

What initially drew me to the original Bonbon scent was how bloody sexy it is and Bon Bon Couture goes one step further with the sexiness whilst also adding a hint of sophistication and maturity in comparison to it's sister's super sweet scent.
It's a scent inspired by the glamour and elegance of the brand's Haute Couture fashion pieces and enables the wearer to have a touch of glamour and luxury at home without the couture pricetag. 

It's scent layers mandarin, neroli oil and peach accord with base notes of orange blossom, sambac jasmine and intense caramel for the signature sweet smell. What makes it so different to the original Bonbon scent is less of the sweet notes and instead, Bonbon Couture is a lot more woody and oriental which definitely makes it perfect for a woman who loved the original scent but has perhaps outgrown it slightly and needs something a little more.

It's a scent that invites a lot of interest and compliments from people around, and I cannot help but feel my best when I'm wearing it! It has immense staying power too and even on the longest working days I can still smell a hint of it at the end of the day.

Something I'm glad has stayed relatively the same though is the bottle itself. Like the original Bonbon fragrance in a hot pink bow shaped bottle, the new edition is much of the same just with an almost ombre pink hue to it, which takes pride of place on my dressing table for the world to see!
It's certainly become my scent of the moment and I look forward to it taking me into the colder months which I think suits it best as it's so indulgent and warming!

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Couture is available exclusively from Selfridges as of today (September 14th 2016).

What is your favourite scent at the moment? Are you a fan of the Bonbon range? 
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Always, Alice x

So we got MARRIED...

I am a wife.

No, I can't believe it either but I am now a wife and a Mrs and I have a ring on my finger and I can't quite believe it!

You might have noticed things have been a bit quieter on these parts in the last few months but with juggling working ALL the hours at work and planning our wedding I had no time to produce blog content I was proud of and decided to spend the entirety of my spare time planning our wedding instead and make it the day of our dreams.

Cue the STRESS.

Anyone who's married/planning a wedding knows the drill - irrational emotional breakdowns, over ambitious projects and turning into a complete and utter control freak - yet in the end I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Fast forward to the 20th of August 2016 and all the stress and worries melted away and me and my Mr had the most amazing day with our family and friends and I'm excited to share some photos of our big day with you all!

We had a relatively small wedding, which was something we both felt very strongly about. Almost a year ago now we were in the process of planning our wedding and cancelled the whole thing bar the ceremony as it just didn't feel like us - but you can read more about that here. We started again from scratch, booked our favourite restaurant to feed and entertain our close friends and family and started organising an intimate garden party for the evening to dance and get a bit silly!
We had a lovely little ceremony in our local registry office and took everyone off for our wedding breakfast at Ogino's Japanese restaurant which was AMAZING! Everyone was so sceptical about us having Japanese food for our wedding reception and we had a lot of people turn their nose up at the thought of it, but it's our favourite restaurant and it was what we wanted to do! And guess what? Everyone LOVED it!
As for the after party, we had a bit of a last minute stress as the wind kindly decided to blow our marquee to bits that we had spent hours decorating the day before - but we turned it into a blessing and with a shit tonne of fairy lights here and there, a fully stocked bar and a dangerous game of beer pong - it was a bloody amazing night!

I hope you enjoy looking through a few of our photos and sharing the experience with us!
Always, Alice x