Fashion: Spring Sunglasses Picks with ASOS

When doing one of my weekly (okay daily...) trawls through the ASOS website recently, I found myself drooling over their extensive range of sunglasses. I'm not normally one to add extravagant accessories to my outfits, but with sunglasses I can make an exception! 
If you're not aware, ASOS probably has the best range of sunglasses from all different brands in all different styles with a price to suit everyone, and I'm bringing you the best of the my opinion anyway!

There seems to be so many cat eye shapes available right now and ASOS do them better than anyone. They stock a massive range of Quay Australia sunglasses, which, unless you've been living under a rock this past year is probably the best and affordable sunglasses range around! I love their bold frames with mirrored lenses, especially the marble printed ones, and at no more than £35 for all the ones I've shown here, I'll definitely be adding a few to my collection this Spring. How cute are the baby pink Every Little Thing ones?! Also the octagon ones are crayyyyy but I kind of need them in my life...

It wouldn't be a wishlist without the inclusion of some high end babies, and I am about 10 years late to the party now that I'm lusting over some classic Ray Ban aviators. We've all had a fake pair (you know I'm right...) but I think it's about time I invest in the real thing, and these badboys are sure to make even the drabbest of outfits looks cool!
D&G have another pair that caught my eye with their gorgeous tortoiseshell frames. They just scream glamour to me and if I'm going to be adding a pair of high end sunnies this Spring, I'll definitely be considering these!

As for ASOS themselves as a brand, I don't think they can put a foot wrong in the accessories stakes and I'm loving their selection for quality as well as VERY affordable styles! The copper dipped pair are my favourite out of the whole wishlist, and for only £12, I'll take them!

What are your favourite style of sunglasses? What are you favourites from above? I'd love to know your favourite brands too!
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Always, Alice x


  1. I am sooo obsessed with sunglasses at the moment but for some strange reason I have yet to browse Sunglasses on Asos, that's how I shall be spending my afternoon! xx

  2. I am seriously crushing on the Baby pink Cat eye sunglasses after this post, oh my they're gorgeous ! xx

    Claire | My Little Memoir

  3. Ah I love the marble framed ones! Dangerous reading this post when it's pay day for me tomorrow! I usually buy my sunglasses from Primark or H&M but I've had a couple of pairs in my ASOS saved items for a while haha.
    Amy xx

  4. These are so nice, I love the bottom left ones!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx


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