Beauty: Neal's Yard Rehydrating Roses

Don't hate me, but I've always had good skin - I've got my mama's amazing genes to thank for that. I've never suffered from breakouts except the occasional McDonald's induced spot, and I never really had many blemishes to speak of. My skin was always super soft and yeah, I had dark circles (nobody's perfect!), but overall I was happy with my skin.

Then BAM.

My face was no longer baby soft and instead was replaced by a horrible dry mess. Serves me right for bragging! My makeup wouldn't sit right on my face, I had horrible patches and blemishes and my skin was so dull and grey. It was like all the Winters of horrid skin had hit me at once and I felt so gross and self-conscious.
I was in town one day with my other half and I thought I'd have a cheeky browse in Neal's Yard and see what I could find. I'd heard loads of positive things about NYR from reading blog posts and watching Youtube videos but I wasn't feeling hopeful that I'd find anything that could help me.

The lovely lady who worked there though swiftly came across to ask me what my skin concerns were and after about a 10 minute rant on how I was hating life and my skin was GREY, she pointed me in the direction of the Rehydrating Rose collection. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really expecting much but to test the range out I picked up the Rehydrating Rose Regime Kit (£15) which is full of 5 minis from the collection - a facial wash, toner, facial oil, daily moisturiser and facial polish - and I also took home a full size of the Eye Cream (£24) to match.

I've been using it for a month now and I actually love it all! Lets be completely honest, it hasn't totally transformed my skin or anything but it's definitely done what it says on the tin and completely and utterly rehydrated it! My skin is back to it's near best and not quite as grey as before and I LOVE applying the steps morning and night. I really like that everything is organic and natural and cruelty free too so I've been getting all of the good stuff. The Facial Oil is the real star of the show too, filled with so many essential oils, and even when I skip the rest of the steps and just apply this before bed, my skin still feels hydrated in the morning. A little definitely goes a long way with each of the products too, and even though it's a month on, I'm still nowhere near to finishing the majority of the kit! Since I only received two small sachets of the Facial Polish though, I've since repurchased the full size and it's firmly cemented it's place in my skincare routine to brighten and cleanse and my skin.

I'm excited to have another forage in Neal's Yard again soon and I hope to pick up a few more fab skincare products to add into my routine! I've already got my eye on half of their bath and body this space.

Have you shopped at Neal's Yard before? What would you recommend?
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Always, Alice x


  1. I've never actually heard of this brand before, but it definitely sounds like it's worked well with your skin. I may check them out and see if they have anything suited to oily skin!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Also, I just tried to go onto your instagram and the icon isn't working, just fyi!

    2. Ooh thankyou, I'd forgotten to update it when I changed my Instagram name haha, should be working now :) You should definitely check out NYR too, they have something for everyone so I'm sure you can find something x

  2. I love the photos in this! Neal's yard isn't a brand I've ever tried before but the facial oil sounds very nice :) x

  3. Wow what a fab little set! They're really not mini sizes either. I love Neal's Yard, the branding and everything is just lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I got a Neal's Yard set for Christmas one year and I haven't used it yet, I really need to!

  5. I LOVE Neal's Yard! They're one of my fave skincare brands. Like you I stumbled upon them and then ventured into a shop to have a mooch around, I bought a set of minis as well so I could try them out and there wasn't one thing I didn't like. I love their Beauty Sleep Concentrate Moisuriser which I use every night, and also their White Tea mask and eye gel. I use some of the bath/shower products too and I picked up a rose shampoo the other week but not tested it out yet.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  6. I've only tried a few bits from Neal's Yard but I've heard so many good things! Really need to give more products a go :)

    Claire | xx


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