Health + Fitness: The Flexible Working campaign

When I was contacted to take part in the Powwownow Flexible Working campaign, it got me thinking.
The whole idea of the campaign is to promote health and wellbeing among those who spend too much time at their desk - and being a blogger, I can totally relate! It wasn't until the campaign rolled around that I realised just how much strain and uneccessary ache I was putting on my body by sitting in the same rigid position for hours on end whether it be in my god awful Ikea desk chair or sat awkwardly with my laptop on the sofa.

I've decided to be more proactive and take better care of my body in 2016 (new year, new me and all that, yada yada yada...) and one of the things I've started to get into a better habit of is STRETCHING! It sounds silly but a little stretch goes a long way and since combining it with gentle yoga practice a couple of times a day, I've really been feeling the benefits!
Doing something as simple as the downward dog pose really elongates and stretches out the entire body and the muscle release you feel after is amazing and helps stop those mid-evening dips in energy!

So next time you realise you've been stuck in front of your computer screen for 4 hours straight and your chair isn't doing your back any favours, get up and give it a good stretch!

You can read more about the Powwownow Flexible Working campaign here, where there's also lots of other tips from some other lovely bloggers on how they stay fit and motivated from their desks!

Always, Alice x


  1. OMG I seriously need to get into shape!! looks like you are sorted

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. My posture needs sorting asap. Work is killing my back! Definitely gonna have a look into some yoga poses :)



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