The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made me happy this week...

- It was my BIRTHDAY! I turned the ripe old age of 23 and I've been enjoying a lovely birthday week with my nearest and dearest. I started the week with my mum and best friend (and baby!) and did a little bit of shopping, coffee drinking and cake consuming...

- I also went out for some food with some of  my closest friends and was absolutely spoilt with cake and flowers and perfume! There also may have been a cheeky night out last night, involving waaaaaay too much vodka and wine...don't judge.

- As well as celebrating my birthday, me and my other half also celebrated a year of being engaged and also 3 years of being a couple! Can't believe we've made it to 3 years without killing each other but I wouldn't change it for the world (cringe alert, sorry not sorry)

- To top it all off, my other half treated me to the most AMAAAZING bouquet of pink peonies and we went for some yummy Japanese food (see my post here!) which was a lovely anniversary present and it was nice to spend some quality time together.

What made you happy this week?
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Always, Alice x


  1. Lovely post hun, hope you had a lovely birthday :) Haha there is never anything wrong with vodka and wine ;) The pink peonies look gorgeous hun :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. What beautiful flowers! Happy birthday!!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  3. Aww, sounds like you've had the perfect week! Hope you had a fab birthday, those flowers are gorgeous too x

    Hannah x hannatalks

  4. Sounds like you had such a lovely week! And a fab birthday (I hope it was!). Wow congrats on 3 years too, be a sap all you want, that's a little achievement :)

    Fii || little miss fii

  5. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! He did a good job!


  6. You have had the best week ever! Nothing better than fresh peonies! Happy birthday for then!

    Ashleigh x

    ♡ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Peonies are my favourites and this bouquet is everything! Also, congrats on your 3 years anniversary with the future hubby! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  8. What an amazing week! Happy belated birthday! These flowers are beautiful, peonies always make me happy :)

  9. Happy belated birthday and happy 3 years! Sounds like you've had such a lovely week!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  10. Happy belated birthday, those flowers look fab!

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  11. Happy birthday! Your flowers are beautiful :)

    lillies and lipbalm

  12. Happy Birthday for last week!! Sounds like you had an amazing day! It was my birthday last week too haha!! I went to red hot world buffet which was the highlight of my week!

    Emma at

  13. Amazing post,really love it :)
    Keep in touch
    xoxo Antonella

  14. Happy belated birthday! You had such amazing week :)
    Even though I'm not that much into flowers, this summer I literally fell in love with peonies! They are so pretty.

  15. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have had a great week of celebrations. Thank you for sending your link on the #bbloggers chat tonight
    Becca x

  16. I hope you had an awesome birthday! Those flowers are beaut <3 - Amy


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