They See Me Haulin'...

It's been a loooooong time since I did a a lifetime. I've always had a massive love for fashion but lately I've found myself wearing the same jeans and t-shirt combo far too often so I thought enough was enough and now was the time to finally invest in some new beauties to spice up my wardrobe!

A day out to Manchester on Monday was the perfect opportunity as we visited the Trafford Centre armed with a few weeks savings and lets just was spent. 
First stop was Zara where I picked up, well, some t-shirts. I know I said I'm fed up of the same jeans and t-shirt combo but I recently picked up one of their organic cotton tees and fell in love with the quality and fit of it that I was eager to buy some more! So as I was on a little splurge, I picked up 4 in a couple of different colours and patterns and I'm excited to see how I can style them! 
Whilst in Zara, I also got my hands on these amazing khaki tile print slacks which I cannot wait to wear! I've been in love with a pair of bright blue patterned H&M slacks for a while now as they're a great casual alternative to jeans, so I really couldn't resist this Zara pair. They fit like a glove too, and aren't too long for my short little legs - an absolute steal at only £25.99!

Speaking of H&M slacks, I grabbed another pair from there. I love the simple pattern on these black and white ones, and I think they'll look fab with a stripey tee! 
Next stop was Topshop where I immediately grabbed this gorgeous khaki green chiffon cami after only about 10.5 seconds in the shop. It's available in a whole array of colours but I settled on the khaki colour...I don't know if you've spotted a bit of a colour theme here!
I was in desperate need of a new pair of smart shoes and these gorgeous tan suede loafers from Topshop were just what I needed, and so comfy too!
I've been after a few little accessories to spice up my summer wardrobe too, and I'm in love with my new Topshop sunglasses. I'm not sure if round frames are the most flattering on my face but if they're good enough for John Lennon!
I love layering necklaces at the minute too, so when I found this pre-layered necklace (similar) among the Topshop jewellery I was sold! 

Lastly I picked up a few beauty bits...inevitable really! I couldn't resist popping into the Lush store, and I added the Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water spray to my basket. I've heard really good things about the toner sprays and I thought since I'm lazy, it would be the perfect addition to my skincare routine!
Then Selfridges happened. Although to be honest, I'm really proud of my restraint! I was ogling over the MAC lipstick counter for ages but after not being able to settle for a colour I really wanted, I picked up something I knew I'd use everyday without fail - the new Ruby Woo lip liner! I then made a little beeline over to NARS to see if anything there took my fancy and picked up one of their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in if I didn't have enough red lipsticks...

What have you been buying recently?
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Always, Alice x


  1. Those shoes are so cute! I bought the breath of fresh air toner the other day too, only tried it once so far but it's so nice!

    Amy x

  2. nice haul, but I am in love with those shoes!

  3. This is such a great haul, I'm very jealous! x

    A Girl Called Eleanor

  4. I love your haul! It's awesome how everything sort of matches. I have almost the same sunglasses!


  5. I love the sunnies!
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  6. All looks so good, gimme gimme! I'm jealous haha x

  7. Those shoes are beautiful!


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