June Faves

Goodbye June, where the hell did you go?! It's been a month of non-stop life things and I've barely had a minute to myself but it's also been very exciting as it's been the first proper month of WEDDING PLANNING! Total wedding fever has taken over me (much to the delight of my other half, poor sod), and I'm so in my element that I thought it deserved it's rightful place in this months favourites!

I've also been really getting into my cooking lately, and I couldn't help but pick up Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw. I've been trying really hard to stick at the gym for the last few weeks and I've made it my mission to add a few healthy home cooked meals into the mix, and this the perfect solution! The recipes are super easy to follow and best of all, pretty much all of the ingredients are easily accessible in supermarkets!

It's no secret that I'm a lazy bugger when it comes to skincare but I decided enough was enough and it was time to start looking after my skin in June and spending a bit more time pampering myself. The Body Shop is slowly taking over the shelves in my bathroom, and I've been loving in particular the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser and the Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask (see my post on it here!). I've been using the cleanser every morning and night religiously to wash my face and the moisture mask has been a god-send to use overnight when I need a little boost. I've also finally made an investment in my own bottle of Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum! It's every blogger's holy grail and I'm joining the club - it makes my face feel like a million dollars after every use and I've noticed a real difference to my blemishes and fine lines!

I've found a great low maintenance nail polish fix in Essie's Ladylike! It's a lovely your-nails-but-better pinky nude colour and it's great for a quick coat of colour when you're short on time, which seems the be the story of my life this month...
My massive round 70s style sunglasses from Topshop have to be another favourite of mine as they have rarely left my face. Even on the days when it's been gloomy and rubbish, I've still been wearing them regardless (and probably looking like a total diva). Love them!

Lastly, and probably my favourite favourite of all...Hannah Maggs! I've been utterly addicted to the Michalak family diaries this month and I've worked my way through a good chunk of their videos already but I love them! I see a lot of similarities between myself and Hannah (except for the fact she has a child and I am thankfully baby-less), and it's comforting to watch the life of a normal and down to earth family! If you haven't seen any of her videos yet, then you really should even just to see their adorable son Grayson! 

What have you been loving this month?
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Always, Alice x

The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made me happy this week...

- I spent Monday charity shopping and generally fussing over wedding details with my good friend Emily and we stopped in the cutest cafe where I had the most amazing mint hot chocolate ever! Shopping was a fail though, but getting fat compensated...

- I picked up a couple of new cookbooks and I've well and truly been struck with the cooking bug! My fave at the minute is Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw, and I've already tried and loved a few of her recipes so far - much to the delight of my other half who has become a kept man!

- I started 30 Days Of Yoga with Adriene again and while I'm not managing to do it every day, it's nice to get back into yoga and de-stress a little when I've had one of those horrible manic days. I do plan on completing all 30 days though, just maybe in the space of about 6 months...

- Lastly and rather proudly, I managed to completely empty my wash basket this week...sad I know, and I feel like a middle aged woman but me and my other half own far too many clothes and when one of us is prone to spilling food down ourselves on a regular basis (I'll let you guess who), it starts to pile up gals and the struggle is real. Top housewife though. 

What made you happy this week? 
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Shades Of Summer

One of my favourite nail ranges at the moment, hands down, has to be the Rita Ora for Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Collection. I have an embarrassingly large nail polish stash so I probably didn't 
any more but I was drawn in like a moth to a flame - pastel heaven! 
I picked up a 3 shades at only £2.99 each - Peachella, a lovely peachy coral colour, Bestival Blue, a bright sky blue and Go Wilder-ness which is my favourite of the lot and is a gorgeous lilac-y lavender colour!

I think I've worn each of these to death already - especially the lilac one - as they're so wearable and pretty! Now that Summer is finally here (she says as it's drizzling and grey outside) I just know that I won't be saying goodbye to these badboys for a long time, and I'm seriously contemplating adding more to my collection...
I love how the names are all summer and festival related too, how cute! I don't normally stray from my faithful Barry M and Essie polishes as I've not really gotten on with the formula of other brands but this one I love!
Long shifts in a fast paced and messy job ensures that my manicure never sticks around for long at best, but with these I can go a good 3 days chip-free, woo! For the lighter shades, you only need to use 2 coats to achieve full nail coverage too which is fab and they dry really quick too!

I couldn't recommend the Rita Ora collection enough, and I can't wait to get my hands on more...sorry bank balance!

What is your favourite nail polish brand?
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De-Stress Yourself

I've been in total blog meltdown mode these last few weeks and I've found it really hard to really chill myself out enough from all of life's goings on to do anything productive with my little space of internet. Enough is enough now though, and over the last week I've really been trying hard to get my blogging mojo back and become an all round more chilled and zen-ny person (not a word, but ya feel me?!) 

I'm sure most of you have felt the same at some point, especially if you're trying to balance a full-time job and blogging. Add in planning a wedding in the mix and I'm sure you can understand why I need to sort my life out! I'm sharing with you some of my top tips for de-stressing and becoming a more mindful and chilled person, and I hope they help you if you're in a bit of a rut too!

Change your environment.
There's nothing worse than stale surroundings, especially when you're feeling stressed, so just change it up a little! Go for a walk or a cheeky coffee, take a little tea break in the garden or if you're having a massively crappy day, suggest a little drive somewhere with a friend and do nothing but things that make you happy! It may be an effort to move when all you feel like doing is slothing in bed but changing your scenery for an hour or two is the best kinda therapy.

Colour in!
I'm sure this one comes as no surprise as every blogger and their dog is uploading photos of pretty and intricate adult colouring books to Instagram, but there's a reason for that...they ACTUALLY work! I was skeptical about this one for a while and when I finally took the plunge and bought myself a book, I felt a lil silly at the counter. But once I'd tried it out on a particularly stressful day, it only took a few minutes of concentration and pretty pictures and my mood was lifted! 

Meditation and yoga
Again, this is all the rage at the minute but there ain't nothing better for the soul and the mind. Just before bed or first thing in the morning is the best time to put these into practise and the day to follow is almost sure to be a less stressful one.

Or just exercise in general...
If yoga isn't your thing then any kind of exercise will do to take your mind off your stresses. A gentle run to some of your favourite music or even a full on trip to the gym - it's an effort to get yourself there, but guaranteed you'll feel more relaxed and better about yourself when you're done.

Pamper yo' self
Every gal should make it their mission to take care of themselves, but when life gets in the way, it's hard to find time to really chill out and put on a face mask! Devote at least an hour to yourself every week - Sunday evening works best for me - and make yourself pretty! Cleanse your skin, paint your nails, sort your eyebrows out...whatever makes you feel good!

Turn it all off
Lastly the best way to de-stress when you're at your worst is to cut off the technology. Put your phone away, ditch the laptop and turn off the tv, especially before bed! Instead get yourself stuck into a good book and totally distract yourself from life - you're more likely to have a better nights sleep too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what your tips for de-stressing are in the comments! And as always, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' if you'd like to keep up to date with more of my posts :)

Always, Alice x

Dr Paw Paw...The Ultimate Summer Essential!

I can't express how delighted I was when this little tube of balmy goodness fell through my letterbox!
The Dr Paw Paw Original Balm* is the ultimate all rounder for all your beauty needs and it couldn't have arrived at a better time! I'm sure now that Summer has finally kicked in (well, kind of...will the rain ever stop?!), we're all suffering a little from dehydrated skin, dry lips and a few bites and stings here and there from all the horrible bugs! 
Dr Paw Paw is a relief from all that - and it actually works! I'm always a little dubious about products that claim to give you the world and change your life as I find I'm always left feeling severely underwhelmed, but after hearing many good reviews from other bloggers and plenty of popular magazines, I was excited to try this bad boy out!

I wasted no time at all applying this to my lips. Since my gym visits have become more frequent, so have the dreaded sweat-induced sore lips... YUM. My lips instantly felt hydrated which was fab, as the formula of this is comfortably tacky and it sticks around until moisture is restored. Next I tried this as an eye primer before putting on my concealer and while I didn't notice anything ground-breaking, my concealer did seem to stay put a bit longer than usual and I wasn't left with the dreaded mascara fall out - WIN!
Lastly, I decided to try this as a sort of overnight balm/mask combo on the dryest parts of my face 
and upon waking up in the morning I noticed all of my dehydration lines on my forehead were gone! 

My only criticism of this product is the tube isn't big enough! While I was sent a 10ml sample size, the full size tube is only 25ml, but at £6.75 (available from Look Fantastic and ASOS!) it's not a bad deal for such an all-rounder! It's also available in a couple of tinted cheek and lip shades which look verrrrrry pretty and may be making their way into my stash very soon!

What is your ultimate summer essential?
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Summer Holiday Wishlist

Okay, so I have a confession to make...I'm not actually going on a Summer holiday this year. But a girl can dream, right? 
So I've put together what I'm lusting over in the shops at the minute for that hot and sunny paradise I can only dream of - unless my other half wants to surprise me with 2 weeks in Bali sometime verrrrry soon!

I'm in loooooove with all things 70s boho at the minute so of course there were going to be a couple of cold shoulder pieces in there! I love the floral bardot top from Topshop, I bet it would look fab paired with the super cute Topshop mom shorts and the gorgeous braided sandals from Jones Bootmakers no less! I love sandals like these for summer, and I normally wear mine to death as they are so versatile and can be styled with anything! I can imagine wearing them with the GORGEOUS paisley print off the shoulder dress from New Look for a casual and comfy night time look.
I think I've fallen head over heels for these gorgeous red cat eye sunglasses from Mango - they're such a statement! I think they'd look fab with the high neck Topshop bikini I've chosen as I'm laying on the beach catching a tan...if only!

Are you going on a Summer holiday this year? What are your essentials?
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Let It Sink In...

Since trying out and absolutely loving the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask (see my post here!), I've been eager for more. My skin is my worst enemy lately and is dehydrated beyond belief, and while Origins is a fab once-a-week treat, I was on the hunt for something I could use every day!
I've been really loving Alix and I Covet Thee lately, and in one of her recent videos she featured The Body Shop's Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask (£13) which I thought sounded perfect for me! She claimed that it got rid of all her pesky dehydration lines and became the perfect base for makeup, so obviously I marched straight on down to my local store and picked one up for myself!

I've been using it twice a day for a few days now and I've already noticed a real difference to my skin. I still like to use the Origins variety once a week, but the Vitamin E mask is a fab every day alternative. It's suitable for all skin types too, which makes it a perfect all rounder and something I recommend to everyone from the high hills! I love that it doubles up as an intensive primer too, and my makeup has never looked smoother!

What are your favourite products to rehydrate your skin? Have you tried this one before?
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The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made me happy this week...

- I did A LOT of shopping. I took a little trip to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and pretty much bankrupted myself but that's okay cos my wardrobe is looking verrrrry pretty right now. Expect some style posts coming soon! I also paid my first visit to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and had the most AMAZING burger I have ever had in my life. It's a game changer people!

- Whilst in Manchester, I also went to see Maroon 5...and was stood no more than a few feet away from Adam Levine himself! It was a fab night and well worth the money - although now my Adam Levine crush is spiralling out of hand (not sorry!)

- We made a few more wedding plans this week! I'm not saying much more as it's very early days but my wedding scrapbook is in full swing and I'm so excited to say the least!

- Lastly, I hit over 20,000 views on my little old blog and I'm just really chuffed to bits! I can't believe even one person follows or reads my blog so to have nearly 500 followers and 20,000 views makes me a very happy and grateful lady!

What made you happy this week?
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They See Me Haulin'...

It's been a loooooong time since I did a haul...like a lifetime. I've always had a massive love for fashion but lately I've found myself wearing the same jeans and t-shirt combo far too often so I thought enough was enough and now was the time to finally invest in some new beauties to spice up my wardrobe!

A day out to Manchester on Monday was the perfect opportunity as we visited the Trafford Centre armed with a few weeks savings and lets just say...money was spent. 
First stop was Zara where I picked up, well, some t-shirts. I know I said I'm fed up of the same jeans and t-shirt combo but I recently picked up one of their organic cotton tees and fell in love with the quality and fit of it that I was eager to buy some more! So as I was on a little splurge, I picked up 4 in a couple of different colours and patterns and I'm excited to see how I can style them! 
Whilst in Zara, I also got my hands on these amazing khaki tile print slacks which I cannot wait to wear! I've been in love with a pair of bright blue patterned H&M slacks for a while now as they're a great casual alternative to jeans, so I really couldn't resist this Zara pair. They fit like a glove too, and aren't too long for my short little legs - an absolute steal at only £25.99!

Speaking of H&M slacks, I grabbed another pair from there. I love the simple pattern on these black and white ones, and I think they'll look fab with a stripey tee! 
Next stop was Topshop where I immediately grabbed this gorgeous khaki green chiffon cami after only about 10.5 seconds in the shop. It's available in a whole array of colours but I settled on the khaki colour...I don't know if you've spotted a bit of a colour theme here!
I was in desperate need of a new pair of smart shoes and these gorgeous tan suede loafers from Topshop were just what I needed, and so comfy too!
I've been after a few little accessories to spice up my summer wardrobe too, and I'm in love with my new Topshop sunglasses. I'm not sure if round frames are the most flattering on my face but if they're good enough for John Lennon!
I love layering necklaces at the minute too, so when I found this pre-layered necklace (similar) among the Topshop jewellery I was sold! 

Lastly I picked up a few beauty bits...inevitable really! I couldn't resist popping into the Lush store, and I added the Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water spray to my basket. I've heard really good things about the toner sprays and I thought since I'm lazy, it would be the perfect addition to my skincare routine!
Then Selfridges happened. Although to be honest, I'm really proud of my restraint! I was ogling over the MAC lipstick counter for ages but after not being able to settle for a colour I really wanted, I picked up something I knew I'd use everyday without fail - the new Ruby Woo lip liner! I then made a little beeline over to NARS to see if anything there took my fancy and picked up one of their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Cruella...as if I didn't have enough red lipsticks...

What have you been buying recently?
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Always, Alice x

Sunday, Monday, Sunny Day!

So it was a few months ago now when I was invited to the lovely Lush Hull Easter event (read my post here!), and I don't know if I mentioned but there was a fab prize up for grabs for one of us lucky bloggers...which just so happened to be me...woo!
I was presented with the GORGEOUS Sunny Day gift box a few weeks later and I thought it would be the perfect thing to kickstart my Youtube channel with...but rather predictably I chickened out and my poor little Sunny Day box went unloved and was stashed away in my office. Until now!

Let me just start off by saying that it smells freaking AMAAAZING. Everything inside is all citrusy and summery which makes it a perfect gift for the summer, if you're a bath-all-year-round kinda gal! 
Lush are known for their wow factor packaging and this one was no different. I opened the bright orange ribbon and lifted the lid and was greeted with a pop-up sunshine! So cute! 
In the first little layer, I was happy to see it was filled with products I've never actually used before! Firstly is the Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) massage bar! I have been loving the Dirty massage bar for a while now so I'm excited to use this one too...I just need to teach my other half to give a good back massage first though!
Next is the You've Been Mangoed bath melt, which is always something I've wanted to pick up for myself on one of my many Lush visits but have just never gotten round to it. It smells so yummy and fruity though and it's said to lift your mood and wake up your skin so I'll be treating myself to this when I'm feeling down in the dumps! 
There's also the Sunnyside bubble bar which I've seen some gorgeous Instagram photos of and also some red Fun which I might give to my nephew as he loves it at bathtime!

In the next layer, the treats just get better and better...we have the Avobath and Fizzbanger bath bombs, both of which I've never tried but they both smell so so good! I'm a sucker for Lush's sweet and fruity scents so this box is perfect for me. There's also a little bottle of popular The Olive Branch shower gel which again, I haven't tried but I can definitely feel an addiction forming...
Lastly we come to my favourite Lush product EVER - the Brightside bubble bar! I love anything that smells orangey and I have already loved and used up a few of these bars in my time so it was nice to get a new one!

I just want to say a massive thankyou to Lush Hull again for having us all at the lovely event and of course thankyou for this wonderful box of yumminess!

What is your favourite Lush product?
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Always, Alice x