The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made me happy this week...

- I had a lovely little date day/night with my other half this week which was just what we both needed after a stressful couple of weeks! We did some shopping and went for some yummy food later in the evening. I even managed to part with my pennies and buy some clothes that weren't from Primark (I'm going up in the world, gals)!

- I also signed up to ASOS Premier which is a very materialistic thing to be happy about but seriously - all the clothes! 

- I enjoyed a seriously YUM lunch with my friend Emily featuring some top notch Eggs Atlantic from our favourite lunch spot Sleepers. Been dreaming about it ever since...

- Lastly, I've been happy about finally getting my shit together! I've taken a step back with my blog to sort other things out in my personal life but this week I took to making myself a proper little blog plan and schedule and I'm determined to stick to it! I've written down SOOO many ideas this week for upcoming posts and I'm excited to share them with you! 

Oh also the thought of going to see Maroon 5 live tomorrow night has definitely kept me a happy bunny all week. Adam Levine, just YES.

What made you happy this week?
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Always, Alice x

Life And Blog Update...

So it is BLOODY HARD trying to maintain a full time job as well as a blog and I don't know if you've noticed but as a result, my poor little space on the internet sometimes has to take a backseat! 
I'm in one of those horrible 'meh' states of mind about everything at the moment and while I'm not one to lounge around in bed as I find it super boring...that is literally all I've been doing in my free time for the last couple of weeks as I've just not had the motivation to do anything at all!

Last night I was having one of those gross lounging nights and I decided that enough was enough and I want to give my lil' blog a bit more structure and consistency. My posts are here, there and everywhere and always at verrrrrry random times in the evening - scheduling is not my strong suit gals. 
So, getting to the point, I've decided to set myself a little blogging schedule...and STICK. TO. IT. 
You can now expect posts from me every single Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6pm on the dot, and I'm super excited about it and I'm ready to get stuck back in!

Lastly, I want to say a little thankyou to all of my followers and all you lovelies who leave me kind comments all the time! I know I'm an extremely small fish in a verrrrrry humongous pond but you all make my day and I hope you enjoy more exciting things to come on my blog!

See you on Friday!

Always, Alice x

Recent Things.

Just a quick little post today to tell you about some recent bits and bobs I've been loving! Starting with wedding magazines...I can't get enough and I'll soon be chopping them up to put all of my favourite ideas and inspirations in my wedding scrapbook, EXCITING TIMES! I've also been scouting out the local charity shops as much as I can lately to find some cheap and cheerful treasures to use as wedding-y things and I've found some absolute bargains!

I've been getting back into religiously painting my nails lately and using the P.S Love Your Nails nail polish twist pot from none other than good old Primark has made it so easy! Say hello to the fab dupe for the ever popular Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover pot, at a fraction of the price...this ones only £1! I finally caved in today and went into my local Boots after over a month of banning myself from buying makeup - it was tough gals - and I picked up a few of the Rimmel London Rita Ora nail polishes in some gorgeous summery shades which I cannot wait to use!

I've been absolutely loving my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot blush palette lately (which contains all of Benefits cult face powders and blushes!), especially the Coralista shade. It's such a gorgeous glow-y peachy blush that's perfect for Spring! Lastly, as I'm trying to be more committed to eating healthier and working hard at the gym, it's been so incredibly difficult to curb my sugar cravings. I've always had a massive sweet tooth, so it was a good day indeed when I stumbled upon some packs of guilt free snacks in my local Marks & Spencer! Jaffa Cakes are my ultimate fave, so it's now nice to know I can enjoy them without having to slap myself on the wrist afterwards...

What have you been loving recently?
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Always, Alice x

The Ultimate Overnight Mask

Following on from yesterdays post about the dry mess that has become my hair since starting the gym, today I thought I'd talk about the dry mess that has become my face. Mmmm lovely.
I've  always been blessed with relatively "normal" skin (thanks mother bear, you gave me good genes), and I never normally suffer with dry and dehydrated skin. But lemme tell ya, sweating your arse off at the gym on a regular basis has taken away all moisture from my face and I'm left with with skin dryer than the Sahara desert.

Queue the arrival of Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. 

I've been a lover of Origins skincare products for a while now after falling head over heels for their GinZing moisturiser and eye cream (see my post on the moisturiser here!), and I've heard absolutely incredible reviews about the overnight mask so I thought I'd give it a try and see if it would help me!
First of all let me talk about the smell - oh my days - it is a pleasure putting this on your skin, especially if you like yummy citrusy scents! A little goes a long way with this as well, and I can imagine this tube lasting me a good while to come before I need £23, it ain't cheap, but it's worth it. I use this a couple of times a week instead of my night cream when my skin is feeling particularly helpless and upon waking up in the morning my skin feels brand new! It's filled with Japanese seaweed that repairs the skins barrier which then helps to prevent future dehydration and pesky signs of premature aging! It leaves my face feeling so incredibly soft and moisturised and even after a couple of visits to the gym afterwards, my problem skin ain't nowhere near as bad as before. 
I'll definitely be recommending this from now on to anyone who will listen and I'm super excited to try more Origins products!

Have you tried Drink Up Intensive before? What are your favourite Origins products?
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Always, Alice x

Treat Your Hair A Little Differently

Since becoming a frequent visitor at my local gym, I've noticed that while the condition of my body is improving, the condition of my hair is going rapidly downhill! I don't know what it is but my hair is a horrible dry mess recently and I decided it was time to give it some real TLC.

Queue another trip to Lush - like I needed an excuse though really - and a little splurge on some hair treatments! 

The first one I picked up was Roots (£10.25 for 225g) - actually for fine and thin hair, which I stupidly forgot to read on the tub before I bought it - but nonetheless it's a good'un! I have a pretty average amount of hair that is neither thin nor thick, but this little pot of magic transformed my hair in under half an hour! It's made with 3 kinds of mint (meaning it smells AMAAAAZING), olive and neroli oils to thoroughly condition it, honey to soften and nettle absolute to give a real shine. I don't think I've ever purchased a product and thought to myself 'yeah, this really does what is says on the tin' but this actually does! The best part is, after lathering a generous layer onto your roots, you get this amazing tingly feeling so you know it's really working- something that might not please everyone but I love it! 

After my first hair mask fix, I decided to go for the H'Suan Wen Hua (£9.75 for 225g, and also not a clue at how to pronounce it...). I'd heard really good things about this one in particular so was excited to try it as at this point my hair was still in need of a bit more moisture! This one is packed with everything you could possibly imagine to nourish the hair, including avocado, banana and extra virgin olive oil! I've used this a couple of times over the last month when my hair needs a bit of a lift and it does the job every time. 

Have you tried any hair treatments from Lush? Do you have any more to recommend? 
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Always, Alice x

Blogger Behind The Blog...

I've been blogging for a few months now and while I'm still a complete newbie compared to most, I feel like I'm really starting to get somewhere with this whole business and I'm really enjoying it! 
I love getting to know the blogger behind my favourite blogs whether it be on other social media platforms like Instagram (follow me here!) and Twitter (follow me here!) and also on their blogs but it's something I've not really done so today I thought I'd give you all a little more of an insight about me...

- As much as I wish my real name was Alice, my first name is actually Jayd! Alice is my lovely middle name though, hence where my blog name 'Always, Alice' comes from.

- I got engaged to my better half on my birthday last July and while I feel far to young and immature to be engaged and planning a wedding at only 22, it was probs the best decision of my life (cringe alert!)

- I have unbelievably short legs, despite being a pretty average 5"3. Jean shopping is hard work when even the petite range is too long...

- Sorry all you cat ladies out there, but I am TERRIFIED of cats. Weird, I know, but I'm totally a dog person.

- I have odd colour changing eyes! From the front they look blue and from a sideways glance and when I cry, they look green!

- I work full time behind the bar of a cute little pub with my other half and some of my best friends. It's an emotional rollercoaster at times but it's probably the best job I've ever had! Check out my "Tales From Behind The Bar" post... 

- I can't swim. Not well anyway - I can pretty much manage a length of the swimming pool done at a snails pace before I'm knackered.

- I dropped out of  my Fashion Design course at uni after 6 months and I don't regret a thing because so many amazing things have happened since then. It's not for everyone gals!

- I've never broken a bone bar one of my fingers on a drunken night out, despite having no coordination and being the clumsiest person known to man...

- I have a small tattoo of a peace symbol on my hip that I got done on my last day of being a teenager. It's shit but I love it!

- I've had my nose pierced since I was 14, but hardly anyone notices my little nose ring!

- I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE spicy food. Extra hot Nandos come at me.

- Another weird fact; I hate bubble wrap and cling film. What even is it!?

- My nickname is Dumbo...I'm sure you can work out why!

Tell me a random fact about you in the comments below, and as always don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' as I'm super close to 500 followers a little giveaway!

Always, Alice x

Life's A Peach

I'm normally the one who hates the idea of leaving Winter behind - weird I know - but this year I've decided to embrace the arrival of Spring and Summer, and with it, a little spruce up of my makeup routine!
I'm always reaching for peachy and nude tones at the moment, and I'm forever striving for beautiful glowing skin (any tips or product recommendations would be fab gals!).

Firstly, I cannot get enough of peachy coloured lips. My favourite shade of all to be wearing at the moment seems to be 'Barely There' by Sleek! I'm not normally one to stray away from matte lipsticks, but I'm loving how buttery and moisturising this one is and I'm loving the colour. 
If I'm having a very bare minimum kinda day, I'll be reaching for my cute lil NARS gloss in Shade I from the Tech Fashion set I received at Christmas...sadly limited edition guys but it's a lovely shimmering peachy nude gloss that is so wearable on a daily basis. I'm not really a gloss kinda gal, but this one I can work with!
If I want something a lil bit more long lasting, I'm loving the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, which is very much a your-lips-but-better shade that lasts all day. For something a little more low maintenance, the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Complex is a lovely throw on and go shade!

I got the Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice palette a few months ago and have neglected it for a while until now! I'm loving a subtle rosy cheek with a soft highlight on the top, which looks so pretty for summer! 
Lastly, I couldn't out some beautiful nail shades, both by Barry M! Peach Melba in the original range is a lovely pastel peach that looks fab with a tan (not that I know what that's like anymore...sob), and the other is Papaya from the Gelly range, which is a gorgeous bright orange/coral shade! 

What colours are you loving at the moment? Do you have any peachy treats to recommend?
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Always, Alice x

You Know You're A Blogger When...

- You have exactly 20 red lipsticks in probably the same exact shade but you can justify still buying more cos you'll use them all eventually and you can use them for a blog post, right?!

- You're the first port of call among your friends when they need a bit of makeup, skincare or fashion advice

- Natural light becomes your best friend and worst enemy - blog photos are guaranteed to be a hell of a lot better in summer!

- You start to go a little square eyed. Yeah that happens when you spend the majority of your day staring at a laptop screen but such is life.

- You've done a little shopping, yay! Oh but don't even think about opening or using anything until you've taken a photo silly...

- You have a notebook and pen stashed everywhere you could possibly be as we all know post ideas come at the most bizarre times! 

- Everything becomes Instagram worthy and you find yourself taking ten times as many selfies as before.

- You can't remember how you used to spend your time before blogging, but you wouldn't have it any other way!

- You can't leave Boots without buying a product in 3 different colours...for haul purposes of course!

Let me know if you have anything to add in the comments below!
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Always, Alice x

The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week

What made me happy this week...

- My boy turned 23! I took my lovely other half to Leeds for a night away (well he drove but I did all the directions and stuff...) and we had a nice meal and nice cocktails and a nice hotel and generally had a very nice time!

- We also took the whole of the past week off work which was absolutely bloody fantastic and I've had the time of my life doing nothing much at all. I finally sorted out our bedroom so it's clean and organised again and I've started blogging from my little office space, woo! 

- I met up with my lovely mummy and we did some charity shop bargain hunting! As me and my Mr are in the early stages of planning our wedding (fingers crossed, eek!), I thought I'd start hunting down odds and ends early and I found some absolute gems! So excited...

- I also spent a lovely night with a couple of girlfriends that I haven't seen in a while and it was lovely to just have hours of girl chat and not worry about anything else! A few pina coladas went down a treat too!

What made you happy this week? 
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Always, Alice x

Revitalize Your Face

I've always been stuck in a bit of rut when it comes to my skincare. I'll never entirely love a product and there will always be a replacement to be had, so I was hopeful when I was contacted recently and asked if I'd like to try the Q10 Revitalizing Day & Night Creams* from Pharma Nord!
I didn't expect to be wowed but given that they both claimed to help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I was definitely curious!

Obviously at nearly 23 years of age, I'm not really at the wrinkly old lady stage just yet but I firmly believe that to prevent looking like a raisin in later life, it helps to start caring for your skin as early as possible!
I quickly took to applying the creams daily, and at first I wasn't that impressed with the day cream - it just seemed like another bog standard moisturiser to me - but the night cream was a different story!

After just a couple of days use, each morning I'd wake up feeling like the skin on my face was brand new! My skin was looking noticeably fuller and softer and I dare say those tiny forehead creases I seem to have adopted over the past couple of years aren't as noticeable as before!
It's been around a month using both of these now and I'm even getting on with the day cream a lot better but the night cream is the stand out for me. Best of all, they're both paraben free which is an added bonus!

If you're looking for something to spice up your skincare routine, I suggest you try these little bad boys out for size and at only £25.90 for the set, the price isn't unreasonable either! 

Let me know if you've tried these already and how you got on with them! 
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Always, Alice x

High Street Lustin'...New Look

If there's one shop I'm very excited by for Spring/Summer it's New Look! It's one of the only fashionable shops in my little town so after having a little browse at their latest offerings, I'm LOVING what I see! I've been after a duster coat of sorts for ages, and I love the khaki number, which I think will be perfect for lightly layering in summer as it's sleeveless! I'm not massively into pastel colours and all that as I'm pale enough as it is, so I'm very much into the warm 70s vibe that is filling the shops at the moment. New Look is no exception and I desperately want to get my hands on the cat eye sunglasses - how frigging cute, and what a bargain!
I love the delicate fedora too, it looks way more expensive than it is and I think it would compliment my hair perfectly now that I'm over on the ginge side!
The backpack is another thing I'm eager to get my hands on...never ever thought I'd be lusting over a backpack but this one looks so classic and chic, I laaarve it!

What shops are you loving at the moment? 
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Always, Alice x

Brilliant Bakewell Tart

Firstly lemme just apologise for my recent case of bad blogger syndrome! I've been so incredibly busy and have rarely had the motivation to write a post in a couple of weeks but I'm back gals and we'll kickstart things again with another yummy bake! Look away now if you're trying to be healthy...

A couple of weeks ago I made my take on the scrumptious Bakewell Tart to sell at work and it went down a treat (excuse the pun...) so I thought I'd share it with you!

You will need...

- 175g plain flour
- 75g unsalted butter
- 3 tbsp of cold water

- raspberry jam (as much as you like!)
- 125g unsalted butter
- 125g caster sugar (golden worked best for me!)
- 125g ground almonds
- 1 beaten egg (you'll need this for the pastry too!)
- flaked almonds (again, as many as you like!)
- 1 tsp almond extract (optional, if you like a stronger flavour!)

Here's what to do...

- You will need a flan tin! One with a loose bottom is ideal so you can easily take your tart out of it when it's all ready. This recipe works best for a tin between 20-23cm but you can always add more ingredients if you want to make a mega Bakewell!

- To make your pastry, empty your flour into a big mixing bowl and work in the butter with your fingertips until it looks like fine breadcrumbs. Then add in the water and mix it together until you have a soft dough...don't worry if you need to add a little more water to make this happen, whatever works best for you!

- Roll the dough out on a lightly floured worktop so it's big enough to line your flan tin and then carefully press this into the bottom and sides of your tin, working any excess in gently so everything is covered. Pop it in the fridge for about half an hour...nearly there! In the meantime, preheat your oven to around Gas Mark 5-6 and pop a baking sheet big enough to hold your flan tin in the oven to preheat too!

- When your pastry is nice and chilled, remove it from the fridge and then prick the base all over using a fork! Beat your egg in jug and lightly brush a little bit of this all over the pastry dough (we'll use the rest later so don't throw it away!) When it's nicely coated, pop it in the oven for around 20-25 mins until it's a lovely golden brown colour. Give it a little check halfway through and prick any bubbles that have risen with a fork, and pat the pastry back down with your careful though gals!

- Once your pastry base has baked and cooled down a little, spread the base generously with yummy raspberry jam! The more the better in my opinion so spread away!

- Melt your filling butter in a pan, then stir into a mixing bowl filled with your caster sugar. Then add your ground almonds, your egg and your almond extract if you're using it! Pour this all over your pastry base so it's nice and smooth and then go crazy sprinkling it with flaked almonds, YUM!

- Bake it for around 30-40 minutes but keep an eye on it near the end of your baking time. If your flaked almonds are turning brown but your tart isn't ready, just cover it loosely with a bitta foil so it doesn't burn!

- Leave it out to cool and VĂ“ILA! A yummy Bakewell Tart, which can be served cold or warmed up a little...perfect with custard!

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe and I'd love to know if you try it...tag me in any Instagram photos @jayddalicebunby!
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Always, Alice x