Wax On, Wax Off

So late last month came the moment that I had dreamed of happening since I first became a blogger...my first bit of blogger mail! Now that's not to say I'm in it for the free stuff - in fact, far from it - but just the fact that a company wants to work with little old me and blog made me feel very proud indeed and I was happy to be asked to review some lovely products!

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Emma and was asked if I'd like to try the Black & White Pluko Hairdressing Pomade (RRP £4.99, available in Boots & Superdrug), and although I knew I wouldn't use it myself as my hair is far too long, I knew straight away that I would be perfect for my other half! 
He has long been on the hunt for the perfect hair product to style his hair but all the while avoiding the fuss, and I think we might have found it!
The Black and White wax comes in a neat little pot, which is the perfect travel size and what's inside is a brilliant product. I was a bit unsure at first whether the scent of this would be suitable for males but after a report back from the other half he said that's it's a perfect neutral scent and gives the impression of freshly washed hair even if that's not the case. But would it work...and more importantly...would it last?

The simple answer is yes. It does it's job perfectly, styling the hair with ease whilst not causing a clump or making the hair too crusty (worst word ever, but yano what I mean gals!). We tested this at just before a busy 9 hour bar shift too, and lemme tell ya, 24 hours through his shift and sleep later, the wax was still in place and his hair was pretty much perfect! This little pot of perfection has been around for 90 years and is a favourite for creating vintage looks, whether it be a slick James Dean look or even a Marilyn Monroe wave for the girls! 

Me and the other half give this product a definite thumbs up and I'll be looking for a more long-hair friendly product to try myself in the near future!

Have you tried any Black & White products? 
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Always, Alice x

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  1. Aww bless you, yay for your first blogger mail ;) This sounds great actually and would be perfect for my brother as he has just had his hair cut shorter and now needs to style it before going out hehe.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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