The Sunday Post: Things That Made Me Happy This Week...

What made me happy this week...

- I'm finally starting to make some real progress at the gym, WOO! I'm getting slightly addicted and have taken real steps this week to make my life a whole lot healthier! I've even gotten used to the idea of eating healthy and have given up my beloved fry ups at work on a weekend...the struggle was real people!

- I did have a little treat on Monday though as me and the other half went out for lunch and had an unreal burger and milkshakes at The Purple Pig in Hull! It was so yummy and the perfect choice to use up my treat for the week. To compensate though, I did a healthy Holland & Barrett shop straight after and finally stocked up on some tahini! 

- The wedding talk has been real this week and me and the other half have been talking about possible venues! We're a long way off from deciding anything but a wedding might be on the cards sooner than we thought...

- Lastly something very exciting happened...I PASSED MY THEORY TEST, WOOOO! Okay, slight over reaction but I was packing the revision in so hard and stressing myself out for a few days beforehand but I took my test and passed first time, so proud! Next stop, practical! 

What made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' if you'd like to keep up to date with my blog posts :)

Always, Alice x


  1. Aww sounds like an amazing week, excited for your wedding plans!!

    Catherine xx

  2. sounds like you had a lovely week! i really need to get to the gym and work out a plan

    from helen at

  3. Congrats on passing your test! Those milkshakes look AMAZING! They would definitely be worth going to the gym for!


  4. Such a great week for you! Firstly, I need one of those milkshakes but i'm not allowed due to eating healthy. Boo! So excited for your wedding journey, Alice. I didn't know you was engaged so congrats! Also well done on passing your theory. I am still yet to start revising for mine. I need to hurry up!!

    Ashleigh x

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  5. Love these posts :) I also work hard at the gym and eat healthy, there's nothing like this feeling of a happy healthy body! Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Oh wow, sounds like you've had a fantastic week. Congrats on passing your theory test and progressing in the gym - it's always a struggle but you soon get used to it :) Those milkshakes look amazing!

    Sami x Daisy Daydreams


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