Mini Maybelline Haul!

Beauty blogger problem number one...thou cannot resist a Boots 3for2 offer! Inevitably it happened again and I found myself in front of the Maybelline stand. I've never been to interested in Maybelline until now - I can never find anything I really like - but recently I've seen more and more products being raved about and I had a little list of things that I wanted to try and here they are...

The first thing I picked up was the Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in the colour Medium Brown. I've been seriously living in the dark ages for the past 6 months, with everyone swearing by their various brow gels, so I finally picked one of these up and I love it! The wand takes a little getting used to and the first time I used this I applied waaaay too much product in all the wrong places and was sporting a very unimpressive Scouse brow, but once you've used it a couple of times, it becomes a doddle! For only £4.99 as well you can't go wrong, especially when you can't afford the staple Benefit version.
Next up I added another Color Tattoo to my collection, this time in Creamy Beige, which is part of their leather look range! I had seen this used by Essie Button in one of her makeup tutorials and decided I needed it in my life and I've been loving it ever since. It's so easy to apply with your fingers and it stays on all day. The colour goes lovely with my new red hair and it makes my blue eyes pop! You could also use it as fab eyeshadow primer as an alternative as well, which again, at £4.99 is an absolute steal!

Last up, I picked up one of the talked about Color Drama velvet lip pencils. Me being me, it had to be a red shade as I can't ever be without a red lip, so I went for the colour Red Essential which is a red kind of in the middle of MAC Ruby Woo and Kate Moss 107 - both my favourites! I haven't tried this out for longer than 10 mins but I'm excited to give this a proper try as I love the colour and formula of it! The only downside is you do need to sharpen it rather than it being a wind-up one but I'm sure I can get over that!

What have you been buying recently? What are your favourite Maybelline products?
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Always, Alice x


  1. i really hope those colour drama lip pencils hit the states soon, all of the posts i see about them make me want them even more!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  2. Everyone raves about the colour dramas! I keep forgetting to pick them up!!! That colour is stunning :)


  3. I love love love the colour dramas! They are so so fab- one of my favourite lip products, so creamy and hydrating!

    Jasmine |

  4. Gorgeous haul, I really want to try the brow mascara as my Benefit one is a tad pricey essentially for what it is. I love the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils also such good value and Red Essential looks gorgeous :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  5. Color Drama Lipcolour looks so lush, I love Maybelline lip stain/colour, great staying power!


  6. You really can't go wrong with those colour tattoos, and I do love that shade!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. Have you posted a picture of your red hair yet? I don't think I've seen it!


  8. I love the brow drama, can't go out without using it! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  9. I definitely had the 3 for 2 problem! I really want to get the colour tattoo in creamy beige so badly x
    han // emandhan xo

  10. I love love love the brow drama, I use it every day! Great post!

  11. I love a good red, so I definitely think I need to get my hands on the colour drama lip pencil (:


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