You Know You're Getting Old When...

1. Everyone and anyone younger than you makes you feel old. Like seriously get that zimmer frame ordered cos I'm nearly 23 and so close to becoming a fossil...

2. You don't get ID'd in bars, pubs or supermarkets anymore even though you're not even over 25 but apparently you look it.

3. Your FaceyB newsfeed used to be filled with nightclub photos and it's filled with kids and engagement rings.

4. There's 8 years age difference between you and your little brother but he's not little anymore. Now he's taller than you and well into his teenage years, and and and where did the time go?!

5. The thought of going out on the piss scares you a little. I mean, think of the cold!

6. You find yourself going to bed earlier and earlier, oh but only after you've switched on your electric blanket and made yourself a nice cup of horlicks.

7. Mortgages. Need I say more?

8. Gone are the days of sexy underwear that closely resembles dental floss. Your Bridget Jones knickers are your best friend cos we all need to be comfy gals.

9. Every time you have a hot flush...*holy crap, not the menopause!*

10. When entering your date of birth on a website, you have to scroll WAAAAY down to find your birth year...

11. You used to have perfect vision. Now you need reading glasses so you can enjoy your wild Saturday nights in with a big fat novel and a cup of tea.

12. You also used to have perfect hearing. Now you can't hear a bloody word anyone says and everyone has to repeat themselves at least 3 times before you just smile and nod.

I thought I'd mix my blog up with a little humour...I hope you enjoyed reading! 
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Always, Alice x


  1. And that top line just made me feel old (I'll be 24 in June). Thankfully loads of bloggers have been writing posts about turning 30 recently, and that's made me feel young again.
    Rubi | The Den |

    1. Haha, well no offence was intended! You're only as old as you feel, at least that's what I keep telling myself ha! x

  2. This is hilarious, all of them are so true! I turn 29 in two weeks and I'm not happy about it!!!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading haha, I feel like noone gets excited about birthdays once you get 21 out of the way! x

  3. Haha I love this post, someone I know who’s 17 said I was old and I’m only 23 haha. To be fair I can’t agree with 2 because on the past few occasions I’ve been getting ID’ed for the lotto which is slightly depressing. I remember when like 1991 was always at the top of DOB bars and now it seems so far down haha.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Oh wow haha, what a lovely thing to say ;) you're lucky at least you have a young looking face, I must be starting to look old hahah x

  4. Haha this made me laugh so much - can totally relate to most of these. xx

  5. Ok, I just had a horrible moment where I couldn't remember how old I was there.. Apparently I'm 27, (I had to text my fiance to find out - awks!) Anyway, love all of these points, so true. I wish I could drink more than one glass of wine without getting pissed and needing putting to bed with a hot water bottle.. x

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

    1. Oh god I do this all the time, I can never remember the year I was born - not good! x


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