Style Icon...Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been my ultimate style and woman crush for years now, and I don't see the love-fest ending anytime soon! She is the opitome of sophistication and always seems to have it together, whether it's on the red carpet or strolling around the streets of New York with a coffee in hand.
In the age we're living in where young women are obsessed with showing too much of their bodies off to the world (Miley Cyrus, you're hot but I'm looking at you gurrlllll...) it's refreshing to see the old-school glamour Emma Stone brings to Hollywood - and she's only 26!

Whether she's a blonde or her signature redhead, in recent years she's not put a foot wrong in the style stakes in my opinion, and she's shown she's not afraid to take risks! My favourite looks of hers are definitely her off-duty casual looks, and I'm totally envious of her fantastic brogue collection...
I feel like her style is what I'm all about and any girl that stays true to her porcelain skin and doesn't feel the pressure to have a glowing tan all year round, is definitely a winner in my books! I feel like aside from her style as well she's just an all-around great woman! She manages to have a long-term relationship that is kept out of the public eye for the most part and she never makes headlines for all the wrong reasons like most of young Hollywood nowadays.

Yes, I'm in love, and no, I won't be moving on anytime soon! Emma, if you fancy being my best friend girl, then that would be fine by me!

What do you think to Emma Stone's style? Who is your ultimate style icon?
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Always, Alice x


  1. Emma is a stunner. I love that top yellow/green beaded dress.
    Rubi | The Den |

  2. I love her style too - she's just such a cool person in general. The first photo on the right is my favourite outfit overall because she looks so gorgeous!

  3. Love Emma Stones style she looks amazing


  4. I totally agree with you, I love her style!

    Hannah | Rated In Beauty


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