Easter Lush Haul

It happened again...
I couldn't keep away from Lush for too long, and yesterday me and my mum decided to go replenish our stocks! At the end of last month, I was invited to Lush Hull's first ever blogger evening (read my post here if you missed it!) and we were kindly given a couple of products from their beautifully bright Easter range. We were only able to take home two products though as it hadn't gone on sale to the general public at that time, so I made a note of all of the products that I needed to go back and pick up at a later date!

On first impressions, it is definitely my favourite collection to date (even beating the Christmas one!). Lush have outdone themselves with the colours and scents this year and my bathroom smells absolutely divine as a result! 
Here's what I picked up...

The 'Fluffy Egg' bathbomb (£2.95). One for those having Snow Fairy withdrawal symptoms - here's your fix! It smells exactly like the cult shower gel and is a pink candyfloss sensation. It turns your bath a lovely bright pink colour and honestly makes your bathroom smell amazing for hours after! It's only a little bomb too, so you don't feel guilty about shoving the whole thing in one bath like with some of the larger bombs. Ideal as a little Easter gift for someone who's not into chocolate Easter eggs!

The 'Bunch of Carrots' re-usable bubble bar* (£5.95). By far the most fun product from the whole collection and I was lucky enough to take this home for free from the blogger event! At first glance, it's a little on the pricey side but it's said to last for around 9-10 VERY bubbly baths which is well worth your money! The smell is absolutely amazing too, so fruity, like a mix between orange and blackcurrants! You get three carrots per bubble bar and you can either swirl them around in your bath water or run them under the tap to make oodles of bubbles and lots of bright orange bath water! 

The 'Hoppity Poppity' bathbomb (£2.50). How cute is he?! This one is ideal for a more relaxing and soothing bathtime. It's packed with violet leaf and lavender absolutes, which soothe the body and soul, and make for a perfect before-bed bath! He's filled with popping candy and will turn your bath into a lovely lilac. Not my favourite scent of them all but I'm looking forward to using this when I need a little TLC in my life! 

The 'Golden Egg' bath bomb/melt* (£3.75). Don't be put off by the glitter, this is my favourite of them all! I took this home from the blogger event after seeing the amazing demo. If you want to feel like you're bathing in sparkling molten gold and want to feel like a princess, this one is for you! I'm normally completely put off by all of Lush's glittery offerings but I was like a little magpie to this one and couldn't resist. It's an interesting hybrid of bathbomb and luxury bath melt too, with an outer layer of moisturising cocoa butter and a pretty bathbomb hidden inside!
It's a slow fizzer, so perfect for a cosy, candlelit bath accompanied with a glass of wine and Netflix on the bathside. The smell is incredible too, like toffee and chocolate, mmmmm!

The 'Carrot' soap (£3.95 per 100g). This has the exact same scent as the bunch of carrots and I can't wait to use it! Have a look at my Lush event post to see the soap before and after, I'm a little disappointed you can't see the hidden bunny rabbit on mine! It smells like an amazing combo of orange and lemon, and will be perfect for spring. I'm only just getting into using Lush soaps as I'm normally more of a handwash kinda gal, but my previous Rockstar purchase has gone down well at Always, Alice HQ so I thought I'd give this a go too!

Have you tried anything from the Easter range? What is your favourite?
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Always, Alice x


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    1. the carrots are so cute! i haven't been in Lush since Christmas, I'll have to pop down soon x


    2. Oooh you need to! Let me know if you do, I'd love to know what you pick up! x

  2. I've tried pretty much most of the Easter range and my favourite so far is probably the Golden Egg (for scent) and the carrots for design haha :)


    1. They're both so cute aren't they, I can't wait to try the Golden Egg for myself after seeing so many exciting demos! x

  3. I can't wait to go back next week (yes I have to plan this since I don't live one nearby) I just loveee the cute little bunny. xo // Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Awhh I hope you love the collection, let me know what you pick up! x

  4. I agree with you, the Easter range is so amazing! The holiday/seasonal collections seem to get better :) The Hoppity Poppity really is a cutie, and the scent of the golden egg sounds incredible!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  5. The easter range looks gorgeous, especially the bunch of carrots x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  6. You picked up some lovely things! The Easter range is definitely my favourite seasonal collection. I love the bunch of carrots.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  7. oh wow these are just too precious..


  8. Wow so many lovely bits, I really need to get some of their easter bits as I keep forgetting to pop in. I love the look and sound of the Fluffy Egg bathbomb - I love that it makes your bath go pink always a winner for me ;) The Hoppity Poppity bathbomb looks so cute also, definitely need to pick this one up :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  9. I love the sound of the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar - it sounds like it might smell just like The Snowman Shower Jelly which I love!

    Definitely going to check that out...and the Golden Egg...can't resist a bit of sparkle!


  10. I loved the carrot soap but wish it came in a body wash form!

    Charlotte - styleaked


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