Spring is in at Lush!

If there was ever an excuse to splurge on Lush products, now would be the time! I went to my local store in Hull today to have a little nosey and pick up a few treats for a friend and was delighted to see that they had literally just this morning put out all of their Mother's Day and Spring products! So naturally I couldn't leave empty handed... 

The first thing I was drawn to was the Rose bubble bar, which is a little rose shaped bar with purple (and a hint of lustre) swirls running through it. The smell is amazing and by far my favourite of the things I picked up today. It smells quite fresh and zesty, and its infused with cocoa butter and Turkish rose absolute to cleanse the spirit and the skin! It's quite a small bubble bar, but it only set me back £2.95 so I'll definitely be picking up more of these!

Next up is the Rose Bombshell bath ballistic (£3.50)! I was unsure of this at first as the smell isn't my fave - I'm more of a Snow Fairy sweet and sugary kinda gal rather than floral scents - but it looks so pretty! One of the lovely employees could see I was unsure about this one so offered to give me a little demonstration and I was sold. It turns a lovely pink colour, with rose petals bursting out and it is made using soya milk to soften the skin and rose oils to really give your skin a good pamper! It actually smells better once in the bath so I wouldn't worry too much if you're like me and prefer something sweeter.

The next couple of things I picked up as a little present for my best friend who has just given birth to a a lovely baby girl! I was drawn instantly to the Yummy Mummy shower gel (£9.50 for 250g) purely for the name (I am the best present buyer ever...)! It is a pretty lilac colour and has a silver lustre running through it too which I think will be lovely on the skin. It's suitable for body and hair which I think is fab and it smells like strawberries! I also picked up the Mother Superior bubble bar (£3.75) which I thought was perfect cos it looks like a baby in a blanket...turns out I was wrong and it's supposed to be a nun haha! Definitely looks more like a bambino to me though...anyways, this one is quite floral smelling again and is rather large so will last a good few baths so is a bargain really! 

Lastly I grabbed one of the Secret Garden bath bombs (£2.95) which again is infused with rose absolute to leave your skin feeling silky soft and pampered! Apparently it's also filled with flower petals too for an extra treat. I think this one was out last year as well so if you loved it then, go grab one! 

I'm impressed with the new collection, it's all so fresh and bright and there's a few other things I'll definitely be adding to my stash soon enough. 
What do you think to the collection so far? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date with my posts :)

Always, Alice x


  1. Yayyyy my favourite time of year accompanied by my favourite thing - BATHS!

    Lovely post :)

  2. I'm so excited about this new collection, didn't know it was coming so soon! Ah I need to do another lush splurge!


  3. Nothing better than a Lush haul! Everything you got looks perfect especially the rose bubble bar! xx


  4. Totally agree I thought it was a baby! Really looking forward to having a whiff of the Yummy Mummy gel I love strawberries!

    Hannah xx


  5. i absolutely need that shower gel!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  6. I think Mother Superior is so cute, although I think I'd feel bad crumbling her face into the bath...

    Sammy xo.


  7. LOVE this haul <3

    Lush is really amazing brand!

    Maybe following?

  8. I love so many lush products, I especially love how they come out with products in relation to holidays and seasons. I'm excited for easter, their products get so cute that time of year.


  9. great haul! I am always buying stuff in lush! :)

    Melissa || www.vintagemelissa.co.uk


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