ghd V Coral Professional Styler...

So there comes a day that every woman dreads...the day your beloved hair straighteners decide they've had enough of your frizz and completely pack themselves in. And if you're really lucky, they frazzle 3 days before your work Christmas night out leaving you with the almost impossible task of sourcing some brand spanking new ones to arrive in time to tame the frizz!

My trusty pastel pink GHDs had served me well after being kindly donated to me by a very dear friend of mine, but it was time for a new pair and the challenge was set - I promptly logged onto Amazon and perused the GHD collection until I found these little beauties...
They were a bargain as GHD's go (especially for the relatively new range) at £109 and it wasn't until I arrived that I found out £10 of that was donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity as well, how lovely!

These are part of the Bird of Paradise collection which is inspired by the tropical prints seen on the summer catwalks and are also available in blue/purple and blue/green which are both so beautiful but instead I went for the pink and orange variety which are just gorgeous! But they any good? 
I wasted no time in yanking them out of the box and trying them out, and the shiny new ceramic plates were immediately a godsend after years of using old burnt out ones! The styler is top of the range as far as GHDs go at the minute as part of the GHD V generation, so the advanced ceramic heating technology is on top form and they glide through your hair like a dream.
The best feature though is they cool themselves down and turn off automatically after half an hour, which is a huge help if you have the memory of a spoon like me. You also get an equally gorgeous heat proof matt included to protect your carpet and to make the styler travel friendly.

I used to loathe styling my hair in a morning, but these make everything seem so much more luxurious. It's just a bonus that I go from frizzball to fabulous in no time at all! 
They make the perfect gift, if not for yourself, packaged in a gorgeous feather print box to match. A late christmas treat to yourself perhaps?

What are your thoughts on the GHD V Coral styler? Do you have any other brand recommendations? Let me know in the comments below and dont forget to enter my Winter Favourites giveaway!

Always, Alice x


  1. They look great x

  2. These look lovely :) Love the colour, definitely beats the standard black!

    1. Definitely! I was gonna go for the boring black but thought I'd treat myself to these beauties instead :) x


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