Charlotte Tilbury - A Woman's Best Friend

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months, you'll have heard the name Charlotte Tilbury more times than you can count on all your fingers and toes! Naturally I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about, especially surrounding her range of lipsticks cos yano a girl can never have enough, right?

A belated christmas present from my lovely mother later, and in my hands sat a little burgundy box. She knew I wanted to try out one of the Matte Revolution shades but I left the colour choice up to her and to my surprise it was 'Glastonberry', the one that I'd secretly wanted the most! Although my mum got it cos she knows how much I love Glastonbury festival...cute!

Glastonberry is the most gorgeous plum berry shade, but to my delight it's not as dark as I thought it was! All of the berry shades that I have are far too purple and gothic for my liking and it ain't hot looking like you belong in the Addams Family! 
I love the rose gold packaging, it looks so luxurious and you feel luxurious wearing it! But is it any good?
At first I struggled with the square tip, not gonna lie. I love the concept but I failed miserably first time around. After a little while though, the shape grew on me and it became a dream to applicate - must have been doing it with my wrong hand the first time!

I wore it to work to really test out the staying power and it did well! As with any matte lipstick, it did get a bit drying but the colour pay off I found was fantastic and well worth the price of the lipstick (a pricey £24!) I tend to drink A LOT of coffee at work, and my lipstick barely moved, I only had to reapply once in 5 hours and that was only for a light touch up!

*Of course I managed to completely forget to take a photo wearing it, but the photos definitely do the colour justice!

I'd definitely recommend the Matte Revolution range if you're looking to treat yourself, and I'll definitely be picking up a few other shades. Can't wait to give some more of Charlotte's range a try too...ohhhhh if only I had a money tree!
Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury makeup? What are your favourite lipstick brands?
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Always, Alice x


  1. So this is the one you were telling me about! It's gorgeous x

  2. the color of this lipstick is kind of mature , it is not easy for a such young girl like you to wear it. but i do believe you can achieve it successfully. Happy new year

    welcome to my website world

    1. I'm not as young as I look haha, but thankyou x

  3. Wow this colour looks stunning, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous :) I really want to try Charlotte Tilbury especially her lipsticks as I've heard so many good thing :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! You should definitely try some if you get the chance! Not cheap, but worth it! x

  4. I really need to get my hands on these charlotte tilbury lipsticks, they are sound amazing. This colour looks really good as well.
    Zeynab xx
    The Beautifully Disastrous

    1. The formula and colour range is fab, you should give them a try if you can :) x

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Charlotte! It's definitely my new favourite lipstick x


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