Valentines Day Lush Haul!

It's no secret that I am a Lush addict. Actually it's starting to become a bit of a problem (my bathroom smells nice though!)
After getting over the excitement of the Christmas products, I was obviously lured back in with the arrival of the Valentines Day collection! 
I picked up four of the available products that were on offer, although I could have easily gone ahead and grabbed two of everything in the entire range! I love the bright spring-like pastel colours and of course what would be a Valentines collection without bright red hearts everywhere!

I was most intrigued to try the beautiful and incredibly hyped Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£3.25), but upon my first trip to Lush to sample the range, it was out of stock after a flurry of sales the weekend just before it! I took my chances again the other day though, and this time was in luck! It looks absolutely beautiful, I almost don't want to crumble it up into my bath. I'm not overly keen on the lavender scent though, as it reminds me a bit of my Nan, but I'm sure it will be incredibly relaxing and ideal for an evening right before bed. 

Next up is the Floating Flower Bath Bomb (£3.50). Again, it looks so pretty and I've seen previews of the lovely little colour show it gives off in the bath - so excited! It smells exactly like Jasmine tea, which isn't my favourite scent on earth, but it isn't the worst either and I can imagine this will make my skin smell and feel amazing afterwards.

I also picked up the Heart Throb Bubble Bar (£3.65), which is the most gorgeous shade of red I have ever seen! It can easily be split between 2 bathtimes, which is ideal and comes complete with a little layer of glitter paste in the middle which will make my bath look extra pretty and luxurious. The scent is more up my street too, a lot more sweeter and yummy than the ones I've already mentioned! Might have to enjoy this one with the Mr I think...

Last up is the Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.75 for 100ml), which I'll admit, I was reluctant to buy this purely for the price! At nearly a fiver for only a little bottle, it was hard to part with my cash on this one but I'm looking forward to trying this all the same. It smells slightly like marshmallows, but is not sickly-sweet like Snow Fairy (still my fave!) and has a bit of a floral undertone. I'm intrigued to see what this will smell like on the skin and if it was worth the price!

I'm a bit gutted I didn't pick up some more of the Valentines range but I'll probably be back to pick up The Kiss Lip Gloss which smells freaking AMAAAAAZING! It's a little bit disappointing that some of the products are slightly more expensive than I expected but I'm sure I'll get over that once I've enjoyed a relaxing night of bathtime with one of these lovely newbies!

What do you think to the Valentines collection?

Always, Alice x

4 Of The Best...Face Masks

If there was ever a time for treating yourself to a new face mask, it's got to be now! I don't know about you, but where I live right now is positively arctic and my skin is suffering. The wind has been so harsh to my face, and I feel like all moisture has been sucked from my face and I'm left with a scaly mess (so attractive, I know!)

I am OBSESSED with face masks at the minute, and I tend to use one every other night to revamp my skin, but I can never pick just one so I like to mix it up between four of my favourites which are all readily available on the high street and come highly recommended by myself!

The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask - £10
This one is just the ticket for dry skin! It comes in the form of a blue almost clay like mask, with exfoliating beads within it too, so it exfoliates the skin as you apply it and then once applied, the clay like consistency cleanses all of the dirt and rubbish out of your pores. It is slightly uncomfortable if you have sensitive skin like me, as it tingles and stings slightly but for the sake of a 5 minute treatment that works wonders, I can put up with the tingles! I use this when my skin has taken a real beating and it needs a little bit of extra TLC.

Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask - £2.59
This one is great for just a general cleanse and is suitable to use 2-3 times a week. It's a thick clay product that sets on your face once applied, and after relaxing with it on for about 10 minutes or however long you want to keep it on for you wash it off with warm water and soft clean skin is waiting underneath! An absolute bargain too!

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask - £7
This one is definitely my favourite mask of them all. It comes highly commended by so many bloggers and beauty gurus and the results speak for themselves! It applies as a charcoal gel-like product that doesn't really set on the skin but it stays sticky and gradually heats up on your face as it gets to work. It gets rid of any excess oil that might be lurking in your pores but also restores moisture where it's lacking and generally brightens the skin. The best thing is that it cools down when the 5 minutes is up and it's ready to come off! Definitely worth giving a try.

Superdrug Exfoliating Superberry Mask - £2.59
Lastly is another little bargain that I picked up, and I am obsessed with! This fruity face mask is great as an alternative to a bog standard face scrub as you can leave it on your skin after using it to exfoliate and it gives your skin an extra little boost. The best part though is the smell, OHHHHHH MY! It smells like a fruit bowl, quite literally and makes your face smell like a raspberry smoothie after use, which is always a bonus!

Have you tried any of these? What face masks would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below! 

Always, Alice x

Soap & Glory Skincare Treats

So I've been a bit AWOL again on the blogging front for the last week or so - life has been so hectic lately in the aftermath of a fire at work so I've had to give my little space of internet the backseat for a little while.

But I'm back! (again)
And I've done a lot of shopping to compensate for my lack of blog post so there will be lots of new posts coming your way in the near future fresh full of ideas.

On one of my many recent trips into Boots, I decided to treat myself to some new skincare bits. After scrubbing soot and oil off everything in sight for the last week, my skin had taken a battering and I was desperate to pamper myself and really treat my skin. There was a 3 for 2 offer on nearly every brand in store and I was immediately drawn over to the Soap & Glory stand. I've been given countless beauty boxes at Christmas time that were filled with stuff but it's not until recently that I realised just how good Soap & Glory products actually are!
I picked up 3 lovely new products for my face; 
The Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub, the For Daily Youth face wash, and the No Clogs Allowed deep pore detox mask. They were all around the £10 mark which isn't bad at all for the amount and quality of product you get.

I marched straight home and tried the 'No Clogs Allowed' detox mask out straight away. My face was in need of some urgent TLC and this did the job. You massage onto your skin where it warms up, and then with wet hands you massage further, turning the product blue and into more of a scrub-like texture. Five minutes later, you wash it off and  your skin is instantly given a fresh boost. The best thing about this is you can feel it working - first when it heats up on initial application and after you've massaged it in a second time round with wet hands, it cools and tingles as though it is really drawing out the bad stuff from your skin!

Next up is the For Daily Youth face wash which smells AMAAAAAZING! It smells so fresh and clean (great description there...), and is the best thing to wake your skin up with first thing in a morning. It applies like a gel to your face and using wet hands you massage it in to create a foamy lather which again tingles so you can feel it working! My skin feels lovely and soft after wearing this and I'd even go as far as saying it makes my makeup application a whole lot easier and smoother too. A great product for daily use and definitely worth the price!

Lastly is the Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub which I'll admit, I haven't used as much as the other two, but I'm still just as happy with. I feel like it's something that I probably won't use as often but as an extra once a week or so when I'm a having a right old pamper. It does the job well and scrubs the dirt and dead skin off my face like nobody's business but my skin feels so clean and revitalized for days afterwards that I don't really need to use it constantly! The smell isn't as pleasant as the other two, a little more clinical and medicine-like perhaps but it is something I would be happy to recommend to people and it's got to be one of the best face scrubs I've tried out!

What are you favourite Soap & Glory products? Have you tried any of the ones I've mentioned? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love some more  recommendations! 

Always, Alice x

A Touch Of Velvet

top-bottom - Grand Cru, Frambourjoise, Nude-ist!

Like I needed an excuse to add to my ridiculous lip product collection, I found it difficult to leave empty handed in a recent trip to Boots...
I'd been eyeing up the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip lacquers (£8.99 each) for some time but I was trying to better myself and kept listening to the voice of reason in my head that said 'No! You do not need these!'...when I thought SOD IT!
I went in with the intention of just picking up the deep red shade that I've been drooling over for weeks, but Boots had an offer and two more just fell into my hand! 

I came away with 3 fairly different shades; Nude-ist, Frambourjoise and Grand Cru, the latter being the one I was most eager to try.
I wasted no time in trying this out whilst enjoying a coffee date with friends as I'd heard rave reviews of it's staying power. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.
You apply these like a lip gloss, and they're fairly easy to apply (although not if you've got a chapped upper lip and you can't work out your cupid's bow!) 
The colour works it's way over your dream and the wand applicator is so soft, it literally feels like you are applying it with velvet! 
After only a few seconds, the lacquer has dried and you are left with super matte lips with flawless colour payoff - winner!

The finish lasted the entirety of my coffee date, and then some...a bit of colour transfer found it's way onto my coffee cup like with a normal lipstick but it didn't seem to make a difference to my lip colour at all. I put these to the real test at work the next day and it lasted a whole 9 hours through drinking and eating with NO re-application!

Grand Cru is the dark red of the three shades and is by far my favourite given my longtime love affair with red lipstick, however the other two shades I picked up are just as gorgeous. Nude-ist is a fab 'your lips but better' brown-nude shade that rivals MAC's Velvet Teddy, and I found is so wearable on those days when you really can't be arsed but want to look like you made half an effort.
Frambourjoise was the one I was least looking forward to trying - it's a bright hot pink shade that I kind of picked up on a whim, and while it's still my least favourite of the three, I tried it out today and the colour was beautiful! I found this one didn't last as long as the others for some reason but a good few hours is something I really can't complain about. 
To remove, I found that a cotton pad soaked in Micellar water does the trick!

top-bottom - Grand Cru, Frambourjoise, Nude-ist!

I'd definitely recommend the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's, and I'll definitely be trying out some more of the shades. They're definitely for you if you love a matte lip that is incredibly hard wearing! 

Have you given these a try? Do you have any other similar recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

Always, Alice x

My Fitness Diary: Week Two

image via Tumblr

So I made it to Week Two, YAY! I've been enjoying my health kick just as much as I was last week and I've found that I'm starting to see some of the benefits already! Obviously I haven't toned up or anything just yet after only a handful of runs, but I already feel like some of my clothes fit me a little better and I'm a whole lot less bloated then I used to be, which is great as I no longer feel miserable about my appearance every!

The main change for me this week comes with drinking more water. It is definitely something I struggle with as I am a self-confessed tea and coffee junkie but I've found even just drinking one big glass of water a day makes a real difference in my mood and how my body feels! I've realised that I drink far quicker and far more when I drink through a straw so I picked up a plastic cup with straw attached from my local Primark store to aid me in my quest to drink more fluids! I put fill it and put it in the fridge every night before bed and after breakfast so that I have an ice cold glass of water to drink first thing in a morning and to enjoy with my lunch too.
I can't say much for the effect this is having on my skin just yet, but I can put up with the dark circles for a bit longer...

This week it's also been lovely to share my new found healthiness with a good friend of mine, Emily. I think it is keeping us both all the more motivated knowing that there is someone who shares our need to get fit! I've found she's a good running partner too, which is great for me at the minute as I can't quite build up that courage to go running solo just yet!

How are your new years resolutions going? Do you have any healthy tips to pass on? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to enter my Winter Beauty Favourites giveaway

Always, Alice x

NARS Lip Lovin'

Another one of my amazingly thoughtful and much appreciated Christmas presents came in the form of the NARS Tech Fashion Lip Gloss Coffret (£25)
I was so excited when the little white box fell in to my lap - boy done good! I'm not normally a lip gloss kinda gal and am much more loyal to a bold matte lipstick instead but I'd been thinking about adding some gloss into my collection for a little while, so this was perfect! The set contains 4 shades, all of which are to die for and definitely more in my colour range. I took no time at all in trying them out and immediately opted to wear the gorgeous red shade (shade IV) that same day. What can I say other than I have been converted! The pigmentation is fantastic and the wand applicator makes applying them so easy!

l-r: Shade III, Shade IV, Shade II, Shade I

I've found in the past that lip glosses are far too gloopy and messy for my liking, as I like to avoid the hair-stuck-to-lip situation as much as I can, but there's something about these little badboys that changed my opinion for the better.
The colours are gorgeous to wear on their own or over similarly coloured lipsticks to add a bit of oomph and to be fair, the staying power is great which I was not expecting. Obviously it doesn't last all day, but a good couple of hours passed before all sign was gone and I had to reapply! 

My favourite shade, surprisingly, is the lightest peachy toned gloss (shade I), which is great for wearing as an alternative to lip balm to dress up those barely there days.
Any downsides? For me, I just wish these were bigger, but I can't really see them running out any time soon! They are a bit on the pricey side too, which isn't ideal if you're buying for yourself, but they're perfect as a gift like in my case! The packaging more than makes up for it though, even the outer box is beaut!

All in all, a jolly good job by my other half and I'll definitely be on the look out to add more lip glosses to my stash now that I've started...any recommendations in the comments below would be fab!

Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin if you'd like to keep up to date with my posts and make sure you enter my Winter Beauty Favourites giveaway!

Always, Alice x


Shock, horror, I found myself in Lush again the other day, on the hunt for some more goodies (cos I clearly don't have enough, right?)
I've tried plenty of bath bombs and bubble bars, and it's been a treat, but I've not really ventured past all that and looked at all the fab skincare that Lush has to offer!

One thing in particular I tracked down and added to my ever-growing collection was D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (£5.75 for 70g), which I've heard rave reviews about. 
I don't know about you, but I really struggle with shaving my legs and I find it such a chore! And I find that when I can actually be bothered to grab razor in hand and smooth those pins out, the hair has pretty much grown back by morning and I'm back to where I started (I'm not the only one, let's be honest!), so I was really intrigued to see if D'Fluff would make a difference!

It's got a lovely mousse-like texture and smells divine - not entirely like strawberries, but still sweet smelling all the same - but would it work? 
The idea is to massage a small bit into the area you'd like to shave and work up a bit of a lather and then razor away, and the results were almost instant! My legs were silky smooth, even after drying, and now it's a day and a half later and they're still just as silky! I also found that my legs weren't half as irritated as normal when dry and I could apply a body butter over the top without developing a nasty rash. Bonus!

Yes, it is fairly pricey, and I'm sure there are plenty of cheaper shaving creams on the market that would work just as good. But I'm a sucker for a Lush product, and it's animal-friendly and it smells so good and just why not? 
I'm eager to try out the Prince shaving cream too, which I've heard is just as good! 

Have you tried any of the Lush skincare products? Send recommendations my way, I'd love to read blog posts about them! Follow me on Bloglovin if you'd like to keep up to date with my blog and make sure you enter my giveaway to win some of my winter beauty favourites! 

Always, Alice x

Fit and Fabulous

In my recent quest to become fit and healthy (and one day perhaps I'll remotely resemble Miranda Kerr), I've found one of the main things that has motivated me to be more active is new sportswear! Obviously doing exercise is when you like all worries about your appearance go out of the window, but I for one feel a hell of a lot better about myself and my progress if I'm kitted out in flattering and attractive clothing! 

With everyone on the bandwagon lately, a whole host of high street (and high end but ain't nobody got the money tree for that...) stores have started stocking more and more of a sportwear collection in a bid to make us all look smoking while we're sweating! Primark are the latest to release a sportwear line, which I think is absolutely fantastic and is definitely something that I need to go and have a proper look at cos it'll definitely be friendly on the purse strings! 
A firm favourite of mine though has got to be H&M, and their current stock of sportwear is some of the best and is incredibly affordable! They also do quite a lot of the styles in plus size which is a bonus as there is something for everyone!

Here are my top picks, some of which I own and some of which I definitely need to! All items are available now in selected stores and all available from their website. 

Yoga mat - £29.99
Running vest - £12.99
Low support sports bra (I have this!) - £12.99
Sports tights - £14.99
Running shorts - £12.99
Running top - £24.99

What brands do you love for sportwear? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to enter my Winter Beauty Favourites giveaway!

Always, Alice x

*I didn't realise my picks would be so 50 shades of grey, I just love grey...

Jo Malone, I Love You

You all know the iconic Jo Malone bottle, right? Anyone who is anyone in the blogging/vlogging business has one on their beauty shelf somewhere, and to me, it's the epitome of luxurious living - not to mention the scents themselves are FRICKIN' AMAZING!

So on a recent weekend away to Southampton, I could not contain my excitement even for just a second as I stood in front of the Jo Malone concession in John Lewis (Also, I live a pretty sheltered life and have never set foot in a John Lewis before, so that was pretty amazeballs as well!)
I had a whiff of some of the colognes and instantly fell in love with a few, but this stuff ain't cheap, and at £80 a pop I decided maybe then was not the right time to indulge.
Sod that though, my resistance didn't last long and an hour or so later, I'd found myself in Jo Malone again and this time I was not leaving empty handed!

I'd heard fantastic things about the Blackberry & Bay and the Wood Sage & Sea Salt varieties and I gave them both a smell but nothing was doing it for me as much as the Nectarine Blossom & Honey scent. OHHHH LORD ABOVE, it's a good un! 
It's one I've not heard anything about either which kind of makes me like it more as I know not everyone has it and is a little more exclusive. It smells so incredibly fruity and yummy, like nothing I've really tried before. It's definitely a step up in my fragrance game and I'll be saving it for those special occasions where I want to ooze sophistication.

The Jo Malone website says it boasts notes of Cassis, Peach and Acacia Honey, which gives it a sweet, but at the same time fruity scent, that is so pleasant and easy to wear!

Jo Malone, you've converted me and I'll definitely be back for more!

Which is your favourite Jo Malone cologne? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to enter my giveaway to win some of my winter beauty favourites!

Always, Alice x

The Sunday Post: Things that made me happy this week

Gimme Some Oven | Homemade Chai Tea (Hot, Iced, and Concentrate) |
image via Pinterest

1. Getting back in to blogging
After nearly a month's break from my little internet space, it was time to gather myself and carry on with it! I now have over 200 followers too which is massive personal achievement and is something I am so excited and proud of! So thanks to you lovely lot for reading my rambling!

2. Saying no to sugar and eating healthy
I never thought I'd say this but I've loved eating healthy this past week! I explained in more detail in my last post here about my fitness and eating goals for the new year and I'm really enjoying trying out new healthier foods and taking more care over my appearance too! I've also stopped taking sugar in my tea and coffee which I never thought I'd get used to but it's growing on me...

3. Chai tea
I've been harping on about this all week to anyone that will listen and I ain't gon' stop anytime soon. Get on it people, it's good stuff!

4. Seeing my best friend (who is about to pop!)
I got to see my oldest and closest friend this week and she's only about 3 weeks from giving birth to her baby girl! I'm so proud of her, and know she's going to be an amazing mummy and I can't wait to meet baby Luna!

What made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to enter my Winter Beauty Favourites giveaway!

Always, Alice x

My Fitness Diary: Week One

image via Tumblr

'Here's to being fitter and healthier in 2015!'

I know, I know, you've heard it all before as I feel like every man and his dog has the same New Year's healthier and do more exercise.
I'm certainly of no exception to this, and I've taken it upon myself to really stick to it this year (at least for the most part anyway, cos yano, chocolate still exists!)

I'm week one into my healthier life and I am bloomin' loving it! I have been eating better and trying foods out that I'd never thought could replace chips and pizza before! I've been out running twice this week as well, which is a massive achievement for someone like me who gets out of breath just walking up and down the stairs. I've always had a phobia of going out running, some sort of self-conscious complex in that I felt like everyone would be staring at me as I ran past them, but finally after months of saying I was going to start, I took the plunge and just went for it! 
And would you believe, I ran 2 whole miles without stopping once and now loved it so much I want to run every day!

I feel like where people fail with trying to change their lifestyle though, is not being realistic. I know from my own experiences that if you go from eating takeaways twice and week and no exercise whatsoever to only eating green foods and trying to work out everyday, you're not going to get very far with it. Same in the way if you try to cut out every little thing that you feel is bad for you.
For the main part this week, I've been eating more fruit and vegetables, switched to wholegrain bread and soy milk, and I've stopped adding sugar to my drinks. But I've allowed myself a couple of mini treats every now and again and I've decided to just embrace my love of coffee instead of cutting it out altogether - I now enjoy it with soy milk and no sugar! Baby steps, people...

I think writing down your fitness journey helps too, whether that's keeping a food and exercise diary (the app My Fitness Pal is great for this!) or just simply writing down how you feel after each day of being healthier, and taking photos of your progress, so that you know that it is all worth something when you're craving cheesy chips at 11pm every night!
I've decided to add it into my blog routine by documenting my journey in posts like this, which I hope you have enjoyed reading! I'll be back with another installment next week when fingers crossed I've been able to stick with it!

Have you made any similar resolutions? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep yourself going? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to enter my Winter beauty favourites giveaway

Always, Alice x

Charlotte Tilbury - A Woman's Best Friend

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months, you'll have heard the name Charlotte Tilbury more times than you can count on all your fingers and toes! Naturally I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about, especially surrounding her range of lipsticks cos yano a girl can never have enough, right?

A belated christmas present from my lovely mother later, and in my hands sat a little burgundy box. She knew I wanted to try out one of the Matte Revolution shades but I left the colour choice up to her and to my surprise it was 'Glastonberry', the one that I'd secretly wanted the most! Although my mum got it cos she knows how much I love Glastonbury festival...cute!

Glastonberry is the most gorgeous plum berry shade, but to my delight it's not as dark as I thought it was! All of the berry shades that I have are far too purple and gothic for my liking and it ain't hot looking like you belong in the Addams Family! 
I love the rose gold packaging, it looks so luxurious and you feel luxurious wearing it! But is it any good?
At first I struggled with the square tip, not gonna lie. I love the concept but I failed miserably first time around. After a little while though, the shape grew on me and it became a dream to applicate - must have been doing it with my wrong hand the first time!

I wore it to work to really test out the staying power and it did well! As with any matte lipstick, it did get a bit drying but the colour pay off I found was fantastic and well worth the price of the lipstick (a pricey £24!) I tend to drink A LOT of coffee at work, and my lipstick barely moved, I only had to reapply once in 5 hours and that was only for a light touch up!

*Of course I managed to completely forget to take a photo wearing it, but the photos definitely do the colour justice!

I'd definitely recommend the Matte Revolution range if you're looking to treat yourself, and I'll definitely be picking up a few other shades. Can't wait to give some more of Charlotte's range a try too...ohhhhh if only I had a money tree!
Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury makeup? What are your favourite lipstick brands?
Let me know in the comments below and be sure to enter my Winter beauty favourites giveaway

Always, Alice x

ghd V Coral Professional Styler...

So there comes a day that every woman dreads...the day your beloved hair straighteners decide they've had enough of your frizz and completely pack themselves in. And if you're really lucky, they frazzle 3 days before your work Christmas night out leaving you with the almost impossible task of sourcing some brand spanking new ones to arrive in time to tame the frizz!

My trusty pastel pink GHDs had served me well after being kindly donated to me by a very dear friend of mine, but it was time for a new pair and the challenge was set - I promptly logged onto Amazon and perused the GHD collection until I found these little beauties...
They were a bargain as GHD's go (especially for the relatively new range) at £109 and it wasn't until I arrived that I found out £10 of that was donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity as well, how lovely!

These are part of the Bird of Paradise collection which is inspired by the tropical prints seen on the summer catwalks and are also available in blue/purple and blue/green which are both so beautiful but instead I went for the pink and orange variety which are just gorgeous! But they any good? 
I wasted no time in yanking them out of the box and trying them out, and the shiny new ceramic plates were immediately a godsend after years of using old burnt out ones! The styler is top of the range as far as GHDs go at the minute as part of the GHD V generation, so the advanced ceramic heating technology is on top form and they glide through your hair like a dream.
The best feature though is they cool themselves down and turn off automatically after half an hour, which is a huge help if you have the memory of a spoon like me. You also get an equally gorgeous heat proof matt included to protect your carpet and to make the styler travel friendly.

I used to loathe styling my hair in a morning, but these make everything seem so much more luxurious. It's just a bonus that I go from frizzball to fabulous in no time at all! 
They make the perfect gift, if not for yourself, packaged in a gorgeous feather print box to match. A late christmas treat to yourself perhaps?

What are your thoughts on the GHD V Coral styler? Do you have any other brand recommendations? Let me know in the comments below and dont forget to enter my Winter Favourites giveaway!

Always, Alice x

2014...My year in photos!

For me, 2014 was definitely one of the best years of my life. It was the year that I started my blog, gained a better position at work, started driving, and above all became engaged to the most special person I've ever met (soppy but necessary!)
All cringing aside, I'm hoping 2015 will be even better, but to say goodbye to 2014 I'll leave you with a compilation of my favourite photos that really sum up the last year.

I owe a lot of the last year to my amazing fiancé and friends, and I'm so lucky to work with such a lovely (and bloody crackers) bunch of people every day. It was a year of fantastic food too...can't forget the food can we?!
To celebrate my 22nd birthday back in July, which was also the day that he put a ring on it, myself and the other half had the best meal of our lives at the fantastic Manchester House. We were lucky enough to meet the head chef Aiden Byrne himself too! Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity, Manchester House is a place y'all NEED to visit! 

What are your favourite memories from 2014 and what are your hopes for the year ahead? Let me know in the comments and be sure to enter my Winter Favourites Giveaway!

Always, Alice x

Happy New Year & GIVEAWAY!

After a month long case of bad-blogger syndrome, I am back for the new year!
December was such a busy month for me, and it was horrible taking a break from my lovely little space of internet, but I'm back with blog post ideas up to my eyeballs and raring to go!

As promised as well, I said I'd run a little giveaway when I reached 200 Bloglovin followers, and it's happened! Thankyou to each and everyone one of you lovely little lot who read my ramblings, I appreciate all of your comments, and I hope you stay with me in 2015! So yeah, see the bottom of this post for a giveaway of some of my most loved winter favourites that I am super excited to share with you!

Back to work now though, and on with my New Year's Resolutions! 
I know you've all probably read a million of these by now but I feel like my New Year can't get off to a productive start if I don't write down all of my thoughts and goals for the year, and this time I thought I'd share them with you...

1. Get fit and be healthy!
The most clichĂ©d resolution of them all but it is one I'm determined to stick to! Me and the other half are making it a joint effort, and we've loaded our fridge with so much healthy food that there really isn't an excuse to let ourselves slip...Day 1 started today and it's going well so far! 
I'm also going to take up running, which is something I have a love hate relationship with, and by that I mean that I hate running but love the idea of it (but never can actually be arsed to get my trainers out, story of my life...) First run is going to happen tonight and I'm scared for the sake of my lungs but I'll keep you posted on my progress! I spent so much of 2014 feeling bloated and self-conscious, so am determined to make a real go of it this year.

2. Eat breakfast EVERY DAY
An extension of number 1 but it is something that I very rarely do! I know it's supposed to be the most important meal of the day and all that but I am in the lifelong habit of not eating a thing until around 2pm, and it's not doing me any favours! Day 1 of that too, and my healthy granola and morning coffee (WITHOUT SUGAR, HURRAH!), went down a treat. Roll on day 2....

3. Get organised!
Those that know me know how organised I generally am and I love being a perfectionist, but again in 2014 I let this slip, so really need to sort my shit out and organise my life! That includes blogging, and I definitely don't want to have to take any month long breaks again. That being said, I'm making a vow to post daily on here at 6pm every evening, and we'll see how we go from there! I also want to keep up with my comments and social media and take part in more blogger chats as the few chats that I've participated in have 
been so fun and rewarding.

And last but not least...

4. Read more
As a former self-confessed bookworm, I think I managed to read one whole book in 2014, if that! I have a stack of titles waiting for me on my Kindle, and I need to spend more time winding down in the evenings with a good book. Also, I want to start reading more blogs! I love it when you leave me your links with a lovely blog comment so I can read new blogs and gain other people's perspectives on life, it's the best bit!

And now for the giveaway!
I've gathered a few of my 'Winter Favourites' that I want to pass on to one of you, just see the Rafflecopter form below to enter! You have 2 weeks to do so and I'll contact you via twitter direct message if you are the lucky winner!

The prizes are as follows;

- Lush Snow Fairy 100g
- Kate Moss for Rimmel 107 lipstick
- Soap & Glory Supercat black liner pen
- Barry M Almond Gelly nail polish
- Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Complex
- Twinings Gingerbread flavour green tea

Giveaway is open to entries worldwide, however due to Royal Mail restrictions for various countries, certain products may be substituted for something of the same value that is in keeping with said countries restrictions. 
All are brand new products sourced and paid for by me, as will the postage! Best of luck, and I look forward to announcing the winner!

Let me know in the comments below what your resolutions for the new year are and I'll see you at 6pm tomorrow!

Always, Alice x