Trying out Nic's Picks...

After resisting this little box of magic for quite some time, I finally gave in to temptation at the weekend and purchased the Real Techniques Nic's Picks brush set!

I have to admit, makeup brushes were one of the last things I added to my makeup stash, as I was never convinced that I needed them and would just use my fingers or a grotty foam pad...not good! I have since seen the error of my ways after purchasing the Real Techniques Core face set, and let me say, makeup brushes are now my new obsession. 

Whilst applying my face makeup was a dream, I still struggled with my eye makeup and would completely avoid experimenting with eyeshadow simply because I didn't have the tools to work with. Enter Nic's Picks...

It features 5 brushes, 3 of which are for the eyes/eyebrows (win!), and 2 for the face. They come in this luxurious silver design, with 3 exclusive brushes that are brand new!

The set includes;

-  a duo-fiber face brush that is amazing for use with face powder or a light application of bronzer/blusher! It's bristles are more spaced apart than your  standard brush which allows for a sleek application and the finish is flawless!

- an exclusive cheek brush that is shaped perfectly to the apples of your cheeks and glide effortlessly across the cheekbones. I think this is my favourite brush out of the whole set as it actually makes my blusher stay put!

- the exclusive angled shadow brush, which is the tool for applying eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid and building up a neat layering of product. The shape of this is awesome as it fits perfectly into the crease and makes creating sultry looks a dream!

- a base shadow brush, which is just a cute rounded brush to apply shadow to the main part of the eyelid. I think this would also be great used for concealer too as it's the perfect shape and size for under the eye!

- an exclusive angled eyeliner brush that makes applying eyeliner so much easier! Personally though, i use this to fill in my eyebrows, combined with wax and shadow. It creates tiny little strokes to fill in the gaps between the hairs and my eyebrows have never looked better!

All in all, this was a bloomin' good investment. After just a couple of days use, this set has already made a massive impact on my makeup routine and I don't know about you but it makes me so excited to apply my makeup everyday!
I'm yet to make my way onto MAC or Zoeva brushes but I'm sure my obsession will expand soon enough!

What are your favourite makeup brushes?  Is there one you just couldn't live without? Let me know in the comments and follow me on GFC and Bloglovin if you want to keep up with more of my blog posts :)

Always, Alice x


  1. I love the silver handles, it makes them look so luxe! Will definitely add this to my Christmas wish list if I don't buy it before that x

    Beauty with charm

    1. The silver looks awesome doesn't it! You definitely should grab a set, only £20 at the minute x

  2. Never tried these brushes I want to try these and Barry M ones, you can never have a big enough make up stash hehe . Great post xox

    1. Ooh I've never tried Barry M brushes but I might have to now haha! Thanks Marie :) x

  3. This looks like such a fab set! I was like you and always used to use fingers to apply makeup - now I can't get enough brushes! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. Thankyou Karen! Haha my brushes are going to slowly take over my bedroom soon, I have so many just for one face x

  4. I should probably try these out because I can never be bothered with brushes even though I know I should. These look amazing though!

    1. You should do! They were only £20 from Superdrug, which considering a single brush on it's own is £10+ thats a bargain! They make applying makeup so much more fun and easy too :) x

  5. These look so pretty - I'm the same in that I haven't really added brushes to my make up collection but I think I need to soon! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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