Treating my skin a little bit better...

I'm gonna hold my hands up and admit that I've never had a skincare routine. Until a month or two ago, I only just into the habit of taking my makeup off every night before I went to bed, and before that, well I was just a little bit lazy with my skin.

But I've decided  now is the time to stop being a minger and I want what every girl wants (besides Ryan Gosling and a million pounds...) - glowing, baby soft skin!

I invested in an AMAZINGGG moisturiser from the Origins range that you can read about here and started taking great pride in removing my makeup on an evening and even applying moisturiser again before bed! Just basic, fundamental parts of a normal skincare routine, but for me the changes were a giant leap!

And I wanted to go further...

I've read countless blog posts about toners, cleansers, hot cloth cleansers, facial scrubs and face masks, enough to know what products I am dying to get my hands on. One of those was the Sanctuary 5-Minute Thermal Detox Mask that seems to be in everyones beauty stash at the minute!
I took a trip into my local Boots and swiped the last one up off the shelf quickly, when I noticed a little sign underneath that answered all of my prayers... '3 for 2'!

It applied to the entire Sanctuary range, which is quite extensive and exciting so I took the time to have a look through eveything they have to offer and snapped some other little skincare gems that I am super excited to use!

The first was the Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash which I think overall is a very thorough daily cleanser. It is part of the 'Deep Cleanse Facial' range along with the thermal mask, so I'm hoping they will compliment each other beautifully! I love that it's mild enough to use on a daily basis and it smells so fresh and lovely! I used this for the first time just this morning and my skin feels super soft and clean as a result, so will definitely carry on using and see if I can spot any long term results.

The other thing I picked up was the Brightening Eye Gel, which I am hoping will banish my horrendous dark circles and leave me looking awake and rejuvenated every day rather than looking like I need to catch up on a week of sleep. I've used this little badboy twice since getting it yesterday and I can already see a slight improvement since using it. You dot it along your undereyes and on your lids, dab a bit and then let it soak in and you can feel your eyes tingle as it gets to work!

I am super excited by these little beauties and to start taking better care of my skin from now on. I'll keep you all posted on the results, especially after using the thermal mask which everyone has praised so highly!

What are your skincare faves? What brands do you love the most?

Always, Alice x


  1. Looking forward to the review because I haven't tried any of the above, yet. My faves skin care products are mostly by L'Oreal.
    Happy Friday girl

    1. I'll keep you posted :) I haven't tried any by L'Oreal either, will have to browse that section next time I'm out shopping! x

  2. I'm really bad at keeping to a routine too, but I've really trying at the moment. These products sound great, I'm really loving the superfacilist vitamin C range.

    1. Ooh I bet the Vit C does wonders for the skin! x

  3. I don;t have a skin care routine either but I really need to get one and soonish because my skin is a disgrace haha, I only really wear my foundation on a weekend and every weekend I got to put it on and my face is so dry I swear to myself I'll buy some product . hehe Great post by the way xox

  4. I really enjoy using the thermal mask :) hope you enjoy your new sanctuary purchases xx

    Ioanna |


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