Tales from behind the bar...

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- Contrary to popular belief, waving your money in the air is not a pleasant way to greet someone.

- As soon as you receive a tip or a compliment on your amazing service, your mood instantly lifts from hating life to BEST JOB EVER!

- If you like the skin on the palm of your hands then bar work is definitely not for you...

- Equally if you like your feet resembling that of a pregnant woman, then you'll fit right in!

-It's a good nights sleep if you manage to get 5 hours sleep after a bar shift.

- As soon as a customer learns your name, you instantly think you're their best friend.

- Last orders unfortunately means last orders...not "I'll try and order a drink when the chairs are being put on tables and the sweeping brush is out"

- Don't bother wearing pretty shoes -  they're guaranteed to be ruined within 3.5 seconds of stepping foot behind the bar.

- Working behind the bar is the best place to make friends. Where else can you talk to people from all different walks of life? (more importantly though, how many will remember you in the morning?)

- When someone's had a little too much to drink and your motherly instinct sets in. MUST.GET.THEM.WATER!

- Walking around town on your day off and feeling like a total celebrity because everyone seems to know who you are.

- You can't help but scrutinize EVERYTHING about another bar on a night out...of course we'd do it better!

- You instantly bond with the people you work with when you work out they are just as crackers as you are.

- The clock is your enemy...7 hours to go?! 

- When someone asks for a hot drink, you get your Starbucks on...

- If you can't do 25 things at once then neither can we, as much as we'd like to be able to.

Last but not least...

- Working behind a bar requires a lot more skill than just being able to pull a pint. You are a therapist, a nurse, a teacher and above all a FRIEND.

This post has been a few weeks in the making, with the help of some of my lovely colleagues.

I've never really spoken about my job before but I work in a lovely little pub not far from where I live. It's not always glamorous and but it pays the bills and to be honest, I love it! There's always something crazy going on and it's hard to not to laugh on reflection at the end of each day. 

Let me know if you work/have worked behind a bar and if you can add anything else!

Always, Alice x


  1. I genuinely really want to work in a pub, there's a few quaint ones in my town and I think as you say, it would be a great place to get to know people...I also really don't mind being on my feet all day!

    Heather x

    1. It's such good fun! As much as some of the above points are complaints, it's all entertaining at the end of the day :) the shifts go so fast too! x

  2. My friend works in a bar and i must say i do not know how she copes !
    Some of the stories she tells me !
    You all deserve a lot more credit than is given :)
    Launa x
    Sprinkles & Ink

    1. Awh thank you! It's crazy sometimes but I wouldn't change it, it's never boring ha! :) x

  3. Love this post, I've always had so much respect for people working behind a bar. Always polite even when people are being so rude when they can't wait 2 seconds for a drink, I could never hold so many drinks without spilling everywhere.



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