Current Beauty Essentials...

I've probably said it a gazillion and one times by now but this is without a doubt my favourite time of year. It's FINALLY cold and crisp outside, the nights are long and cosy and don't even get me started on the amaaaaazing A/W fashion that's about at the minute...

The thing I'm loving above all else at the minute though is my beauty stash. I think its the best time of year to be all experimental with different makeup and hair looks and rock something you've been scared to do before! Skincare is vital at this time of year too, as the weather is so damaging! And then there's a good bath product which doesn't really need an explanation does it really.

Here is a little selection of my recent beauty essentials and things that I am LOVING at the minute, each one is something I would recommend to the high heavens and I'm not easily pleased! 

1. Bold Lips

This isn't so much of a current essential for A/W so much as an all year round love! Anyone who knows me knows that I am incredibly fond of my signature red lip, and more and more I'm experimenting with different shades of berry lipstick.

My favourite red shade at the minute is the L'Oreal Colour Riche Blake's Pure Red (£6.99) which was perfected to match those with similar colouring to the beautiful Blake Lively. Now I ain't a blonde bombshell but it's such a gorgeous ruby red matte shade that suits my pale skin amazingly. The pigmentation and staying power of this is incredible, literally the best red lipstick I've ever had the pleasure of using so far!

The other lipstick I'm loving was one of my pricey little treats that I picked up from Space NK during my little Leeds trip during the week. I couldn't resist the NARS counter, and was drawn almost instantly to the Audacious Lipstick collection, and although I was hoping to pick up the deep red 'Ingrid', I instead settled for this gorgeous plum shade in 'Liv' (£24) inspired by Liv Tyler! It's a matte consistency which I'm loving, and although it doesn't have as much staying power as the L'Oreal stick, it's still made an appearance on my lips a hell of a lot this week! Definitely one to pop on your christmas lists...

I also picked up these bargain lip liners (both £2.99) from my local Superdrug to maximise my bold lip and they help it stay put for longer which is must for those long shifts at work...nobody likes it when half your lipstick has rubbed off and you're left with the remnants outlining your lips like a bad nineties lipstick job! Instead of just lining the lips, I colour the entirety in with these instead.

2. Vampy nails

Whilst in Leeds, I decided to break out of my Barry M comfort zone, and invest in another brand of nail polish. I went into the adorable Kiko store, and was in awe of the choice of amazing colours! I immediately drew my attention to this gorgeous sapphire blue colour that has a hint of sparkle mixed in - perfect for christmas! I also went for this black-red shade, which I love and have already worn it on my nails a good few times! Both look just as good in the bottle as they do on the nails and they were a bargain at £3.99 each.

3. Bright Eyes

Dark circles, be gone! As mentioned in my recent skin care post, I am loving this Brightening Eye Gel from Sanctuary (£10)! I was a bit skeptical at first but I have noticed a significant improvement in my under eye circles and I no longer look like I'm on deaths door every day. A little goes a long way too, so I think this tiny little tube will last me some time!

And lastly what A/W essentials would be complete without...

4. LUSH! 

I have enough Lush bathbombs and bubble bars to last me through til next christmas, nevermind this one but I couldn't resist going back for more and boy was it worth it! I FINALLY got my hands on the Northern Lights bath bomb (£3.50) which has been sold out of my local store for absolutely ages, so I was all over this as soon as I clapped eyes on it the other day. I used it in my bath tonight and it was amazeballs. As well as looking amazing, it smells fantastic and really calmed me down after a very hectic weekend!

I also couldn't leave this little guy behind...look at him! It's the Melting Snowman bath melt (£2.50...i think!) and it smells divine! I've not tried using a bath melt before so I'm excited to try this but I will save this until closer to christmas I think when it will be perfect to wind down and take the day off with.

As featured in my October Lush haul post, I picked up the popcorn Lip Scrub. It has been a savior! My lips are constantly dry and cracked despite always wearing lipbalm and lipsticks so this has been a godsend. It smells and tastes amazing and for £5.50 I thought it was a bit of a pricey pot to start with but a month on I use this everyday and haven't even made a dent in the product! A must buy for supple, soft lips this winter.

Let me know what you think of my picks, and what your A/W beauty essentials are! Leave your blogs down below so I can check out some new posts too :)

Always, Alice x


  1. That Nars lipstick is perfect! Great post! Xx

  2. I love the red lipstick trend that's about although I'm not quite brave enough so have been sticking to Doutzen's nude from L'Oreal (it's great.) I saw the snowman melt in store yesterday but I actually wasn't keen on the smell!!
    My beauty necessity is Victoria's Secret 'Such a Flirt' hand cream, I get really dry hands and this is so nourishing and smells amazing!

    Heather x

  3. Both lipsticks are gorgeous! I've been looking at getting one of the LUSH lip scrubs but did think they were quite pricey.. but if they're long lasting then maybe I can be persuaded :)

    Jill |

  4. Great post! I am in love with bold lips too!

  5. love the colour of the lipstick!

  6. Ingrid looks absolutely amazing! I really want it!

  7. Northern Lights is my fav, I love how it changes colour. I smelt the little snowman but wasn't keen on the smell. xox

  8. Aw that poor snowman looks so sad! I love the lipstick shades you've picked out. It's kind of funny that they're both inspired by celebrities, right?



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